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And the Big Government Solutions works how again????

I am in the last pages of Naomi Wolf's End of America and it referenced Animal_Enterprise_Terrorism_Act now remind me how this works????

Animal Enterprises need more protection from possible terrorist cliques, than say, oh, Women's Health Clinics, because in the need to protect us from the Conspiracy to oppose Great Leaders, well only God Hating America Bashers engage in terrorist conspiracies....

Would this be a bad time to talk about, say, Military_Commissions_Act_of_2006 and the majikal add ons of the various signing acts, that now allows the Great Leader the sole discretion as to which terrorists are the terrorists who are detainable in GitMo, and else where, unless rendered to a more cost effective information extraction center, and that we can all feel safer knowing that Great Leader Is GREAT!!!

Hum... first we get them tagged as Terrorists under the AETA, then we can move them on the 'Conveyor Belt' with the MCA, ah, yes, all is great, and if only we can clean up the internal dissident elements inside of the Justice Department who believe in holding man's laws above The Divine Will...

So what WILL it take to roll back all of this WhateverOnWhomever?

Or should we just skip right along to the Imperial Fashion Options, and enjoy the New Day In Imperial America as we bring Pax Americana to the yearning plebian masses who live beyond the Bright Glow of The Truthier Freedom of our Most Golden Age Of Glorious Greatness!!!!

Are YOU voting for BushCheney2008, or are you one of those EcoAnimoTerrorists???

Why Worry, Get Immunity...

WOW... how can there be any form of crime, when all it takes is Immunity Grantors
(Releads with State, Pentagon agreement)
Efforts to prosecute guards involved in the incident could be complicated by a grant of limited immunity offered by State Department investigators, U.S. officials also said on Tuesday.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Defense Secretary Robert Gates met on Tuesday to discuss a working group's recommendations to give the U.S. military "considerably more involvement in contractor operations," the Pentagon said.

[ cf US to tighten rules for Iraq contractors ]
WOW!!! I feel so much safer knowing that Reuter's News service is restructuring their journalism like products to comply with state department and defense department desires.

Why gosh, not since the last round of indemnifying folks, has there ever been this SurgeTastical A Surge of Imdenification so that we can be protected from the growing threat that folks would consider that american law were legal in America For Americans!!!

So that folks do not have to cheat, and peek, and gosh, who knows how those lead paragraphs may change by the time folks check next, here is what the Improved New Data was
The Pentagon and U.S. State Department have agreed to tighten rules governing private security contractors in Iraq, giving a greater oversight role to the U.S. military, officials said on Tuesday.

The proposed changes emerged from a review triggered by a shooting incident in Baghdad last month in which security guards from U.S. security firm Blackwater, working for the State Department, are accused of having killed 17 Iraqis.

{ op cit }

WOW, now the DOD would be responsible for vetting which illegal alien armed combatant were allowed to kill whom within which area of WhatNeff??? Clearly a much more forward movement progess in progression of progressing towards a progress what will satisfactorially reform the reformation of reforming.

But what am I worrying about, these are the veritable bastion of radical left wing extremist revolving doors of justice where nothing really matters and no one really is responsible for anything they say, or do, let alone whom they accidentally kill, drunk or sober, so why not just Party ON WarDudes!!!

Thank god it is not like any actually living americans care about the reputation of the government's welfare programme for people who can not afford to own their own weapons range. I mean, GOD protected that sport for a reason and the government has an obligation to allow folks to have a chance to Kill For Jesus, or they would, well, heavens we would not want to think what could happen if those folks were deprived of their constitutionally protected right to kill for jesus....

Why Shucky Darns, they might have to live like ordinary americans, and comply with actual american laws, customs, and traditions. Even if that meant giving up on the fun of warcrimes for the whole family. Why not try something a bit more old fashion, like reading books around the candle light, or the fire in the fireplace, rather than trying to always teach the kids how to do night map co-ordinate problems while dropping mortar fire on top of the folks living down the lane.... EVEN if that means that the kids may not get the HolyJesusMortarMan Award for their sixth grade home schooling class....

Oh well, who knows, by now those two paragraphs may have been re-written by the folks at FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security, showing that there have always been secret sinister sleeper sells that have been engaged in the terrorist acts of phoney press conferences, and that it was this that the blackwater army was attacking earlier today as total glorious victory over the Sinister Sleeper Cells was Victoriously Won Gloriously in the 13th Battle of the Sleep Easy Mattress Factory.

I mean it could happen. but probably not till they improve the choco-rations.

Digby Gets SERIOUSLY Dangerous....

Digby starts with the lovely line
I don't know if you have noticed, but something truly ugly seems to be bubbling up from the primordial ooze of the conservative movement.
[ cf Follow The Leaders ]
and proceeds to list the recent turn of Psychosis in the RingWingNutters.

This is followed with the usual obligatory waltz through the usual problems, including, but not limited to, the usual sexual guilt crisis amongst the damaged white males who wanted to be the great war heroes.... and all they get to do is be spiteful, in some phaux american traditonalism. But digby goes unpleasantly off the rez starting with:
I don't think that adequately explains why this seems to be happening more at this moment. It's possible that it's a result of frustration with the fact that conservatives have been shown to be dramatically incompetent at governance. But they have always believed themselves to be an aggrieved minority bravely fighting against the liberal elites who run everything, so that doesn't really hold water either. And in any case, they will purge the Bushmen from their pantheon and instantly assume the glorious mantle of Ronald Reagan the first chance they get and carry on as if it never happened. (You can already see it with the astonishing hypocrisy with which they are once again extolling themselves as good fiscal stewards after six years of feeding on the government carcass like gluttonous hyenas.) These little set-backs do not penetrate the right wing mind very deeply.

(op cit)
And then stomps down hard with:
And last week, among all these instances of violent right wing rhetoric flying through the ether, our president smirked, for the umpteenth time, "we don't torture" knowing very well that the whole point of his refusing to define torture is because they want people to believe they are actually torturing. Torture --- a taboo for centuries --- is now considered a useful tool by the government of the United States of America, both in practice and in rhetoric.
And many members of the leadership of this country, in all branches of government, have signed off on the presidents right to order torture and indefinite detention with no due process for "enemies" however he sees fit. We know that the administration "renders" people to foreign countries for torture. They admit doing it, although they laughably claim that it is done "responsibly."

Why wouldn't the hard core right ratchet up its natural proclivity for violent rhetoric in light of that? Clearly, this kind of thinking is now openly sanctioned by the conservative leadership of this country.

The question for the rest of us is whether they will be content with only emulating their words. It wasn't that long ago that, under the influence of much less authoritative extremist rhetoric, a couple of radical right wingers took matters into their own hands. It's not as if it can't happen here.

( op cit ( url in original text - CHECK IT OUT!!!) )
Interesting problem there...

A minor problem exists here, since by digby's working position, which I have little argument directly with, there is that small problem that he has now ejected from being 'conservative' any of us who worked with the intelligence community and do NOT support warcrimes. I think we, as a nation, would find it far better to take the matter to task the old fashion way, and note that the current collection of RightWingNuttery has opted OUT of the american conservative movement, precisely because they no longer LIKE to be a part of the America that fought against Stalinist Oppression, and DO NOT like the fact that we put both german and japanese war criminals on trial for their war crimes.

I WORRY because as the last Url makes clear, americans have seen what happens when american wingNutters go off the reservation and abandon their moral standards. It is even more comical as the root cause of that attack has been drifted from an Iraqi Controlled, to an Iranian Controlled, to a Space Alien Controlled Ops. Anything but taking into account that when americans decide that they want to live out their rhetorical posturing, they can do a really good job of actually implementing that rhetoric.

The tragedy for the fighting 101st keyboardists is that they have been ever so polite and voted loudly and often with their feet!!! Unfortunately, when the killers walk off the rez to implement their violence, the killers they get will not have a clean command and control infrastructure, nor will they work out the unpleasant technical details of why the fighting 101st keyboardists were always running away.

The ultimate challenge on the flip side of that coin to the liberals will be if they can break away from the simplistic companion notion that anyone who is not a progressive is a regressive. That will ultimately be the major challenge as the nation seeks to recover from this long dark nightmare of the soul!!!

Which Phoney Civilians WILL the Phoney Civilians Protect More?

U.S. military reports from the scene of a shooting incident in Baghdad involving security contractor Blackwater indicates its guards opened fire without provocation and used excessive force, The Washington Post reported on Friday.
Citing a senior U.S. military official, the Post said the military reports appear to corroborate the Iraqi government's contention that Blackwater was at fault.

"It was obviously excessive. It was obviously wrong," a U.S. military official speaking on condition of anonymity told the newspaper.

"The civilians that were fired upon, they didn't have any weapons to fire back at them. And none of the IP (Iraqi police) or any of the local security forces fired back at them," the official was quoted as saying.

[ cf Blackwater faulted by U.S. military: report ]
One wants to just say,
Bring It On!!!
to all of the great war heroes hiding behind Rush, and Hanoi Annie Coulter, and the rest of the ProWarCrowd, who have been spending the last seven years play acting like they gave a Rats Screw one way or the other.

Please oh Great War Heroes sort it out, which of these are the folks we are suppose to be protecting? The Contractors who are just there to kill, or....

Or are we suppose to believe the Pro-War Crowd because of their Majik Knowledge, just like we are suppose to believe them on Torture, because they have Power Point Presentations that keep on saying Chicken, Chicken, Chicken all the way down.

What if Americans had to live the courage of their convictions????

But alas, as we keep learning, the Phoney Civilians will be so easy to identify, since the folks who were the first in the door to be the New State Security Apparatus will have no emotional qualms about turning in anyone they can to be tortured, cause, welll, that person might have had an actionable piecee of intelligence, and gosh, it would be better to torture them and maybe learn something than to merely let them get randomly gunned down by the cowboys in the rest of the state security apparatus....

So who knows.... maybe some day the pro-war crowd will get their chance to live our their dreams, or fantasies, or nightmares.

But preferrably in some other country.

Speaking Of Truthiness

When the president asserts
He said, "The techniques that we use have been fully disclosed to appropriate members of the United States Congress."
"It appears that under Attorney General Gonzales, they reversed themselves and reinstated a secret regime by, in essence, reinterpreting the law in secret," said Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vermont.

[ cf Bush: 'This government does not torture' ]
Does he mean the Congress of The United States Of America, on Planet Earth, in this time continuum???

Or is the president actually refering to the Super Secret Extra Special United States Congress that is not contaminated with any of the Phoney Civilians who are Not THE TRUE Civilians of the True Patriotic American Party Of Patriotic Americans!!!!!

I mean the truthineff of the assertion is still mostly truthier even if we have to adjust it to deal with the delta's injected by "Those Darn Phoney Civilians".

Speaking of Legal IkkyYukkies....

Hey kids, yesterday we mentioned, again, that the USMC General downgraded a charge of "murder" to "negligent homicide"; which of course the phoney civilians were clamoring as a great victory.

But if it was such a victory, why didn't the USMC General simply squash the Article 32 indictment, asserting anything he wanted to, rather than concede that there exists a prima facia case that the USMC's ROE's were violated and that this trooper was on Par with the rest of the BlackWater Army Types, but unfortunately for the USMC Recruitors, was still bound not merely by the Legalisms of the UCMJ LAW, as if mere law in america were legal enough in itself, but by that higher standard, the USMC Code of Conduct.


Or should we all just go whistling in the dark and hope that no one actually thinks about the implications and legal complications, and, gosh, golly, gee whiz, the ETHICAL COMPLICATIONS.

Speaking of Torture....

When the President says things along the lines that the US does not Torture. Is that proposition to be held as truthier as when he told the Polish Press that we had found the WMD's in Iraq - and 63% of americans actually believed him.

Or is this a new TruthierNeff position, where as long as we know what he meant to say, we would know that it was within which ever bounds of his means mostly as truthier as he could say he meant it to be...

Or is he simply making another one of those Blessed Most Holy Virgin HanoiAnnie Coulter little Jokes, you know, just funning folks, because, well of course everyone considers Torture Fun!!!!

Ah yes, once upon a time I was trying to get an american to wrap his little pointy head around the problem and I learned the american way of coping with Torture:
But I do not have to worry about the government torturing my daughter.
I do not have a daughter....
Americans, you just have to love them, they are such fun folks.

Why Does Rush Hate Those of us who served???

You gotta love this guilt festival as The Rushter keeps on trying to explain why he keeps his majik wand, well, so WandTastical
Summary: On October 4, Rush Limbaugh asserted that he "didn't call" wounded Iraq veteran Brian McGough "a suicide bomber" on his October 2 show and said he was "grateful" for McGough's service. Limbaugh said on October 2: "[T]his is such a blatant use of a valiant combat veteran, lying to him about what I said, then strapping those lies to his belt, sending him out via the media in a TV ad to walk into as many people as he can walk into."
[ cf Limbaugh on wounded Iraq vet: "I didn't call this guy a suicide bomber" }
Come On Rushter, it's not like anything is new here.

We Served.

You Hid.

What's your Problem with YOUR GUILT!!!

learn to forgive yourself and embrace your inner cowardice. Who Knows, it may help you learn to accept whom you are and stop blaming everyone else for the fact that We Servered and You Hid.

Oh but that would mean, you were one of the secret stalinist MoveOn.org Media Matters Types one has got to respect a man who goes with his strength.