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Saturday, October 9th, 2010
5:00 pm
Why not face the ugly?
The simple plain truth of the matter is that the Keynesian Model was proven tragically right, again. There had been a chance in 2009 to not only restore a reasonable regulatory model for a sound financial system that would have heralded the return of the prudent man theory to banking and economics, but would have provided the reasoned approach to restarting the economy.

But first off the obamanites opted out of the required consensus building to get the level of actual economic stimulous required, then opted against the opportunity to get the level of adulthood out of the financial sector that any sane and sober Venture Capitalist would have done, when it comes to offering up the level of bridge money that was put into play. As those who have been in the fun of creating a start up at that early stage of the game, there is no ambiguity about how 'the game is played'. So please, save me the poseur posturing rhetoric, from the joe the plumber fan club, where folks are neither plumbers nor actually running a real start up. That ultimately has been the grand tragedy of the NewsCorporationParty. While one has to respect Murdoch's willingness to abandon his own nation of origin to destroy another. One has to wonder why it is that the Red Communists in Australia have opted to maintain a limitation on the cross ownership of media outlet corporations.

One really has to respect the InterGoogles, since I never knew that there was a whole ZionistBolshivikiBankingKonspirkii side to the NewsCorporationParty. Clearly if he is a part of the illuminati, and lives on the blood of innocent unborn white christian american teenage virgin cheerleaders, it would explain his majikal talent to put together not only the FauxNews service, but the very political party of FauxNews! He is appealing to them in a language that they understand.

I think it is safe to say that we really have not seen anything useful from the so called Tea Party, save that they have been able to show that there are folks willing to come out. Sometimes in ways they seem not to like, ( cf Republicans Scrub Nazi-Impersonating House Candidate From Young Guns Website and yes, supporting the Waffen SS 5th Panzer may be a bridge too far for the typical confederate flag waving exceptionalists. )

I rather expect that we are in for a bad decade or so. It is possible that if the democrats hold the house and senate, that the obama administration would view this as a basis to try to come up with some plan to help fix the broken economy. The fact that the presumptive new GOP house leader has been talking in the language of trying moderation is an interesting idea. Who knows, americans may actually decide that sanity has some value. But I am not holding my breath.

If the tea party folks carry their same wild and crazy guy approach to the process into Congress I expect to see the usual efforts to impeach Obama for being a Space Alien. Anything, just so long as it sells more NewsCorporationParty Swag! Since as we all know, the new epistemology is all about how moving units proves the point! Since if it moves units, it must be true.

A funny position, especially when folks are still upset with bernie madoff and his like. I mean, they were moving units, until that nasty governmental excess regulation of the market had them arrested for fraud. Ah yes, not that I am really worrying all that much about the hob goblin of lesser minds, that scary, scary part about mere consistency.

But it might be a great place to start.

Who knows, we have a couple of decades to work on this stuff. Since right now there just is nothing that is moving the chance to have a real Keynesian Governmental Fiscal Stimulus like WWII. Yes boys and girls, WWII was a great illustration about government working as the last source of demand when the aggregate demand has fallen. It is not that warMongering is actually profitable. Since, clearly, if warMongering were a money making show, then either there was suddenly no war starting in 2007, which could have happened. Since when people stopped viewing theWar as crisis number one, well, gosh, not only did tinker belle fall out of the sky, but she decided to Suck Up all of the spare liquidity on the way down!!!!

So as we go forward, it might be a great time to look at how do we really want to provide the sorts of productivity gains that will provide for the general improvement in the economy. Some will recall from god alone only knows how many variations on the basic economic problem as war game - one must first raise the tech level enough to get the farmers off the farm without inducing starvation. Then one has to find the right level of work to keep them providing the goods and services that people will really want and use in a sustainable way.

It might just be time for folks to look at how real economics really works! Take it out of the hand of mere sloganeering pious posturing poseurs! and dig into the mechanics of the subject. Why gosh, who knows, that way might lead us to reconsider whether or not economics is a part of Majik Land? Or is it a part of the same domain of knowledge that we use for treating other forms of sickness. You know, putting leaches and blood letting, until the four humours realign correctly.

Oh heavens no! Why that way would lead to the question about where do we really want to put our ethical models? Do we really want to allow the Free Market to sell under age boys to the US Military? Because, well, the US Military was offering the top dollar in the market? Given the growing threat that Prop19 might pass. Have any of those hate feeDome types figured out where are they going to get the jobs for all of the people thrown out of work because the illegal trade in marijuana is no longer creating the risk differential that allows for the armed players, attorney's and fashion chic money launderers who has dry clean and lightly starch any currency.

Why yes, as a nation, we might even ask whether it is worth the tax payer's dollars to have 'fleet week' - I mean, why not squander those bucks on things like schools. If we are just going to throw away money so that some can compensate for having never served in a military, why not throw it away in a useful manner?

Ah yes. What if we, as a nation, were to retreat back into the age of reason?
Tuesday, August 10th, 2010
9:31 pm
The end of the american century?
I had a lovely depressing chat with a CowOrker who grew up in the UK, and who's visions of the wonders of the Thatcher years are free from the unpleasantry of thinking about the complications that comes about as one transitions from the Age of Empire, to the time when the US can yank Anglo-French policy in the Suez by clarifying who has the nuclear arsenal to defeat the soviets.

But of course one does not talk in those terms, one should be polite and point out the problems of transitioning from an overly financialized society that no longer had the stand alone industrial capacity, as the race to invest abroad had been far more profitable before the great war, part dieux, and, well the end of the industrial policies of a nation obliged to sort out what the world will look like trying to lord it over merely the Welsh and the Scottish.

So while my housemate warned me that the RSA has a chat about how it was the radicals of the sixties who were the death kneel of the labor unions in the UK. Well, perchance somewhat, and mostly like, not really. One of the oldest maxims in that game is that Capital can move faster than Labor. A reality check that some of the folks facing Structural unemployment are starting to understand in more ways than merely a quick wiki look. Why it might even be useful to some of our friends to ask themselves what Structural Unemployment would mean in our modern era. Why what if the problem is not that the ungrateful riff raff have opted out of being employed. But that there is a mismatch between skill mixes. You know, when there are persons who know how to write device driver code, but there are only jobs in factories that are offering say $7.25 an hour, and without any form of beni. Or, gosh, one of the gigs that I have been trying to pimp, that would require a skill mix on par with my own, but that would mean someone who has actually stayed abreast of various pieces of technology and the end to end tool chain issues, and not merely chanting that the revisionist running dogs of ideological deviationalism have stabbed our troops in the back.

Don't get me wrong here. I love the idea of ranting on the internet about the collapse of western civilization. But that is because I have been listening to my S9, and when cutting new tools, find out that Majikally, by some Miracle of Divine Intervention, my code is already ipv6 ready. Ok, so no, really, honest, I had to spend a whole lot of time getting us into the ipv6 space. Like changing the documentation to say that the test cases showed that we were ipv6 ready, and then writing the test case to prove that we were ready. So I have been planning ahead, well, maybe only for some parts of the whole ipv6 collapse of the internet. But since I save that design, development, and testing time, I have more time to focus on how the correct implementation of ideological purity means ... well, gosh, that part where we use the scientific method, plan ahead, plan the tests to prove it...

But again, that also means that some of us were on the lucky edge of the combination of factors. We had the mental acumen, the basic skill mix, including the ability to self re-train, and that would also include the social skills, to find a safe place to play while the economy tanked. Not to mention, should I be rude here, that the economy was tanking. Unlike, unfortunately, so many americans who bought into the thesis of American Exceptionalism, that meant that they need not establish any of the scientific methodology, nor inclination to the adaptability issues, nor the messy bits of embracing the various technology shifts. Let us please banish Paradigm Shift to the land of fluffy bunnies and majikal best friends. That myth of 'game changer' is, well, fine, if you are pimping the products you want to sell as a part of the 'paradigm shift'. But back here on planet earth little if anything makes those types of shifts, and rarely is it really a real live honest to god Paradigm that shifts. But that way does require that americans understand the difference between science and technology, which is hard.

I will be honest, I am not going to be all squish wishy upset about the fine folks in glennBeckIstanian who are wondering why it is that the economy tanked, their mythological right to an american exceptionalist world crapped out. They loved their happy place of being so ideologically pure at heart, and that they were a part of the correct ideologically pure at heart, who were clapping their hands at the right time to keep tinker belle flying, and now... Now they have to find out which of the evil liberal demons is the one that must be put on the spit and burned at the public auto-de-fe, because, well, the American Exceptionalism of the American Century was SUPPOSE to be the majikal moment of it all. They were Suppose to be entitled. Unlike those welfare queens, whom ever they are, at this moment in the five minute hate.

Yes, I know. We should not be rude and remind americans that some of us got lucky with regards to the housing bubble, which of course, at one time was a mere scary story that liberals waved because they were all al qaeda terrorists. I guess we should also say that when we were hoping that Obama would do the right thing, and that he would listen to the rational economists that said we needed a bigger economic stimulus, because, well, we would only have one chance. But of course he was not the first cautious president looking at a Keynsian Economic Model. But for those of us who were scared by the rising wave of revisionist ideological deviationalism about how FDR had always been a class enemy, there is that unpleasant consolation prize - they really did mean to not only distort the actual american history, in the grand art of the Liars For Jesus but would do it in an effort to try to re-write the actual history of the great depression.

Now that we are on the other side of a part of the problem, but remain 'hard up on zero' at the fed funds future rate, and the optimists are trying to pimp us that there is technically an economic recovery, never mind the real politik, one has to wonder how much longer we will get to play this game before the 'Skorpion King' opts to arrive and share with us all how he has the special majikal ring of annubis - since that would be just an elegant play in the game as it lays. We would be able to see, as the first mummy movie taught some, that hebrew is 'the slave language', and that therefore the devout fans of American Christian Zionism would have a place in this new world order, and, would, well, Beni Gabor, and his stunningly brilliant:
It is better to be the right hand of the devil than in his path.
[ cf Beni Gabor Quotes]
which would be a great place for our friends in TeaTardia to come to ground.

For those who have been wondering, why yes, now that you mention it, the absurd american marriage of capitalist extremists and religious fundies has always been a bit of an amusing side show. Yes, there had been that time at the start of the 20th century in which the fundamentalists were willing to 'go galt' and walk out of the industrial society. Most folks forget that fundamentalists at the start of the american century were the mostly mainstream churches. That they would abandon politics to retain their morality says much about the real courage of their convictions.

That their so called heirs are no longer willing to take those risks speak to the true change in america. But that would also be true of the Children sucked into Gordon Gecko's Land, where greed is no longer a SIN, it is a way of life, and is imputed to be a moral good.

But where will we be when we have taken on the twenty plus years of the deflationary spiral. Or worse yet, if we learn from Japan that it will take more. Will we take the time to learn from Japan and the problems of the liquidity trap. Or will we be able to make up a new game to play?

It worries me, but then again, life is full of Irony. Governator Schwartzenegger who was bounced from the Austrian Army for going AWOL winds up flanked by six generals to see an american MP Brigrade come back from the battle front. I mean, uh, hello - Six Generals and a Draft Dodger? for an MP Brigade, you know, as if the problems of international terrorism were, well, gosh, a law enforcement issue, as Ronald Reagan had declared it!

What will it be like when it is safe to reason in america again?
Monday, July 12th, 2010
2:59 pm
The Problem Space of The Tea Partiers
There are several problems I have with Our Founding Confusion: What the Boston Tea Party tells us about today’s Tea Partiers. by Mark Gimein. The first part of the madness of course is that I thot everyone knew that the Tea Party was a slap in the face to blindly simplistic Free Marketeering, since of course the cost of getting the Tea shipped directly to New England from the East India Company, without pausing to do the London Airs was once well known. The point of the protest was not merely 'the price is right' but the fundamental issue of 'taxation without representation'.

Which has been the problem in the first place with TeaTardia - forgetting that they have the right to vote for their representative in congress. An opportunity the founding fathers did not have!

Mr. Gimein is at least willing to note that there are some structural differences between the TeaTardia myths about their self delusions:
Supporters of the Tea Party like to think they are revolutionaries in the Colonial mode. That’s really not true of a movement that mainly bastes traditional Republican themes with an extra coating of outrage. There is not and will not be a Thomas Jefferson of the Tea Party. But what the Tea Party of today does share with the Boston Tea Party of 1773 is a fervor that transcends economic self-interest.
( op cit )
But tragically he also skips over the core problem that these are also the same folks who not too long ago were ranting about the issues of
Aiding the enemy in a time of war.
a some what problematic point in light of the US supreme court's recent ruling about who can be taken down for engaging in Providing material support to terrorists. So it is possible that on top of the minor issues of their failure to grasp simple history, that they have a problem remembering their own actual positions.

So we must wonder then about the so called retreat into morality:
Underneath the talk about economic policy is a moral agenda...
(op cit - emphasis mine)
Or maybe not?

What if it is an effort to try to make a gambit that would look like
Deadbeats v. The Responsibles
so that we can then proceed along to
But the cultural chasm that has been opened in the course of the debate over government spending has swallowed up any meaningful discussion of economic realities.
( op cit )
so that we can avoid any actual and meaningful discussion of actual real world economic issues and the possible means to fix them?

Which becomes even more painful when the author opts to play with faith as a solution:
But to try to prove to that to Tea Party supporters today is a little like trying to prove to the original Tea Partiers that the net effect of the Tea Act was to lower the price of tea. It may well be correct, but it misses the driving force of the movement. The Tea Partiers may talk about economic growth, but what they really care about is the moral project of rewarding the Responsibles and punishing the Deadbeats. For the movement zealots, it’s the principle that really counts—and even a little Depression may not be too high a price to see it through.
( op cit )
Notice if you will folks, that having started the discussion out erroneously as if the actual american tea party was sorta like it had been about economics, rather than an actual principle, namely self government, with an actual compliance with the actual british policy about actual british citizens. We arrive in the majik land of something about morality, and the hope that some how the next great depression will be some sort of way forward, rather than the catastrophic nightmare that will bring down the next weimar republic.

So let us step back and re-think for a moment here.

How many of those who are trying to pretend that they are buying into this mythological bifurcation are also the folks who have been economically sidelined by the actual liquidity trap? But of course for them to go there, they would need to know what a liquidity trap was. But that would also mean that they were willing to get past their ideological issues and be willing to actually learn about economics, as if it were one more human body of knowledge that could be known by humans.

Clearly this might not be the right time to talk about say "joe the plumber", and, well, the all sorts of technical issues in play there, some of which devolve to the simplistic, "which part of illegal were you unclear about?" rhetorical posturing. But if we were suppose to buy into the DeadBeat Disco, then, gosh, isn't Joe one more Dead Beat? Why gosh, that is also a part of the problem we might want to deal with in terms of Sarah Pallin's posturing, since, well, "which part of illegal were you unclear about?" rhetorical posturing would be viable for the various illegal actions that she has lost in court about. One might make a moral argument that abandoning a government post is not a nice thing. One might even put the killer stressor in there, in a time of war! just to do that kick it up a notch cajun cooking tale to the story.

So yes, why not question which ethical posture were folks pretending to be playing?

Let us grab that story line:
and punish the failure of the irresponsible, who the Tea Partiers tend to believe are largely responsible for their own misery.
( op cit, emphasis mine )
That construct can get to be problematic for some. Especially if they are the ones without a cash flow position, and they are also living in a neighborhood where the value of their mortguage has been dragged under by the default rate around them. Are we suppose to step up and agree with them that they are so clearly to blame for their failure to be responsible?

Would this be a bad time to talk about the 800lb Enron in the room?

Or are we going to gracefully skip over that part of the story, since to discuss SIV would mean returning to that technical economics stuff. Not to mention raising a whole slew of questions about the concerns of regulatory oversight, and, gosh, well, what if the SIV's in other parts of the shadow banking system were to Enron on folks?

Are the people who lose their jobs responsible for their own misery? Are the retirees who lose their retirement money responsible for their own misery? Or is that really the central part of the failure here? That there is this lovely interest in hoping that no one will really ask those hard questions?

Where do we arrive at the bottom of the page? We arrive at one more unpleasant reminder that the most important game to play IF you want to play at professional journalism - start with a false premise - that the original tea party was about a rise in taxes, which educated children new that it was not, but the tea party types of today seem to find as new news. Then one can move through the effort to raise a point of principle, namely representational government, and then hope that this will allow the slight of hand of talking romantically about Producerism like ideological bits, like the deadbeats and the responsibolites, and hope that no one will be well read enough to be aware of "national-syndicalist corporatist productionism" ( cf Fascism ).

Why is that? Why always the leap of faith and slight of hand?

Why the fear about being honest, you know, about all of the technical stuff, as if amercians were once a moderately literate and educated people. Back before all of the funding cutting for actual schools.
Monday, July 5th, 2010
7:01 pm
From Matt Helm To HanoiAnnie Coulter in Five Easy Pieces.
Hey kids, remember those Great Dean Martin films about Matt Helms?

You know that freak show where Dino does spoofing his own image as a part of the insanity of the early sixties. Which is a part of the process, since we need to recall
Like Sinatra, he could not read music, but he recorded more than 100 albums and 600 songs. His signature tune, "Everybody Loves Somebody", knocked The Beatles' "A Hard Day's Night" out of the number-one spot in the United States in 1964. [ cf. Wiki Entry on Dean Martin]
Where we look at both the scary thot that musical illiteracy was an important part of the sixties culture, and that in the Kultur Kampf defeating the fab four was one of those important things.

But, if we are to buy the Rat Pack Mythos, of good boys having good male bonding ritual times, then we need to deal with whether or not these are actually 'sixties characters' the sort of Evil Ones whom we are suppose to oppose for their, well, godless communism, as they are clearly Red Hollywood Puppets. Or are they suppose to be our standard bearers of the true america?

Yet, when you start checking into the
Girls, Gags And Gadgets
[ cf The Silencers ( The film at wiki ) ]
you also notice the ideas like
..an evil organization called "BIG O" (the Bureau for International Government and Order)
( op cit )
as a part of the problem space. If our godless federal government is keeping super secret spy agencies like ICE, Intelligence Counter Espionage, we are back into the problem of excessive governmental interference in the free market. Whereas in Our Man Flint we have a responsible free marketeer, who is no longer crushed by Z.O.W.I.E. (Zonal Organization for World Intelligence and Espionage) one more of those horrible blue helmeted one worlder groups that is fighting some nice decent free market group, like Galaxy, that has been utilizing Utopian Mad Scientists to take over the world with products that consumers really want!

Yes, I am going to go there. Try to remember that these problems about what majikal powers the government should have in itself, and which it should be hiring from the free market are still a part of our current problem space. You do remember
The JBS is a cosponsor of the 2010 Conservative Political Action Conference.
[ cf. The John Birch Society ]
So any of that effort to retreat to the myths that
In 1962, Buckley denounced Robert W. Welch, Jr., and the John Birch Society, in National Review, as "far removed from common sense" and urged the GOP to purge itself of Welch's influence.[38]
[ cf. William F. Buckley, Jr. ]
we are suppose to be safe, because the NRO is watching.... may not be working as well as we would prefer. But who can give up this tasty morsel of the moments of the past:
The JBS was moderately active in the 1960s with numerous chapters, but rarely engaged in coalition building with other conservatives. Indeed, it was rejected by most conservatives because of the Welch's conspiracy theories. Ayn Rand said in a Playboy interview that "What is wrong with them is that they don't seem to have any specific, clearly defined political philosophy... I consider the Birch Society futile, because they are not for Capitalism but merely against Communism."[20][21]
(op cit John Birch Society)
Yeah - you gotta love that, why of course Rand was the hippist of the hip.

We could of course take the other track and wander around the questions and concerns about the usual horror of how red hollywood was always a part of the red hordes. It would be argued down that line, that the Matt Helm films were built on orders from the Peking Pay Masters to undermine the fighting will of our American Americans who were bringing freedom everywhere, until Richard M. Nixon opted out of winning in south east asia, since he had run as the peace candidate in 1968. Which as true fans of Matt Helm will note is when there is a serious shift from the fluffy fru-fru go-go boot dancing approach to an effort in The Wrecking Crew ( the film ) that the movie should have like a plot, and characters, and development, and progression. But do americans still need to deal with the problems of Sharon Tate, and the Charles Manson Cultists, and how if only americans had been more american, then there would have been no Mansonites!

Now tell me again, you do not agree with Charles Manson, and that the Beatle's Music is sending special messages about Helter Skelter, and the race war that is coming? Now wasn't one of the lessons that we were all suppose to learn was how the IslamoCryptoWhomEver are trying to kill off our white christian americans? Or would this be a bad time to remind folks about
Patti Tate confronted David Geffen and board members of Geffen Records in 1993 over plans to include a song written by Charles Manson on the Guns N' Roses album "The Spaghetti Incident?". She commented to a journalist that the record company was "putting Manson up on a pedestal for young people who don't know who he is to worship like an idol."[22]
[ cf. Sharon Tate ]
Since, well gosh, once again those Ferrign Devils are trying to send Ferrign Devil Messages to corrupt the moral fiber of all american americans.

Then again, maybe a core part of the problem here is resolving which sixties we are still winning which wars against? Given the complete vacuousness of the Matt Helm character, and the sort of air headed bimbo's who play with him, was there any doubt that the nation was on the verge of a radical feminist clique? That and a bunch of mindless jocks trying to explain that they just did not see what girls were all upset about.

Yeah, that would be the safe route out, eh no? Where we talk about how radical feminism went off the rails with a post-surrealist leap into painting all sorts of things 'feminist this, feminist that' and suddenly we can talk in terms of a feminist epistemology being outside of the scope of any other forms of epistemology. Why yes, that would be a simple path to HanoiAnnie Coulter. Since we could then step in and show how the whole feminist epistemology allowed her the working space to be able to be, well, gosh, the precursor of the new and improved JBS. And gosh, why yes, now that you mention it those Stab Our Troops in the Back at the NRO did drop her like a hot potatoe for her position that we were in a holy crusade and should be christianizing all of IranqIstania. But since the NRO was not as gooder with dealing with the JBS the last time around, maybe the scary is still hiding out there?

Why yes, it still is. The other part of the scary path is that realistically HanoiAnnie Coulter got her big break in the biz because of the evils of the Fairness Doctrine, where media punditry needed to have some sort of opposition to the typical white male liberal persecutors of everything. So what would be a better spoof of spoofing the intention of the Fairness Doctrine than a crazy blond bimbo who is willing to show that simply because a bunch of RadFemiSmurfSaucies thot that giving women the right to vote, and other dangerous radical left wing agenda items, was not a gooder enough reason that women should actually become engaged in that whole failed enlightenment era thing!

Yes boys and girls, the truly worst part of the evil of the Matt Helms series of Lounge Lizard Spoofies is that they offer us the nightmare of the truly scary sixties as most folks were not willing to really look and/or think about. Having done some background reading on Dino, it is interesting that he was willing to learn from the pro's in The Young Lions so there are parts of whom Dino really is that would have done better IF they had become a part of the actual media circus of the time.

That would have been a very different story line, now wouldn't it? The story of guys who are trying to make ends meet, and are trying to bring the art and craft to their work style. Why that would sound like some sort of Red Communist Propaganda about how the working class could rise in the world to make something of themselves. Rather than that the goal of the game was to simply slowly but surely drink yourself to death.

The scary part of the sixties rests not really with the horror that there was an FSM at BeZerkLey that was scary and frightening, but that they are still around Free Speech Movement Archive with the scary thot that maybe people should really be involved. Maybe the scary thot there folks, is that 20 years on The Big U would be the break out product for Neal Stephenson. That we would move from tragedy to farce so quickly. Or worse yet, that we keep opting for the spoof of farce for fear of getting bogged down again.

No. The scary part of the sixties remains the Silent Majority. The nice people who were going along to get along. The nice people who wanted to have that simple nice life. The do not rock the boat types who were not willing to worry about things. They knew that those Filthy Hippies were the problem. For the big funny here, let us try to recall folks that a lot of those nice martini drinking democrats who were holding down good jobs were also a part of that wonder land of HELL. These were folks who would chide bankers for the'3-6-3' rule -
The 3-6-3 rule describes how bankers would give 3% interest on depositors' accounts, lend the depositors money at 6% interest and then be playing golf at 3pm.
[ cf. investopedia: 3-6-3 Rule ]
and for our slow readers yes this was a part of the culture of the post-crash era. Unfortunately the myth was taken for some sort of gospel.

Like so many of the things that made the world of the silent majority bubbly wubbly, they were not really things that folks thot about, or even took the time to want to understand. They were just complex, stuff that was left to Policy Wonks and other types of nerds.

And guess what. There were folks willing to put the game on. National Journalism Center was founded in 1977 to create a conservative journalism. What? there are like brands of RadicalFemiSmurfNaughtie brands of Journalism? And yes kids, this is the crew that 'taught' our friend HanoiAnnie Coulter. Then there is The Center For Individual Rights, which was incorporate in 1988, and was a place for HanoiAnnie to deal out some litigation, when she was not working on publishing through Regnery Publishing which, since 1993, has been a division of Eagle Publishing. You remember them, they were the guys fronting those rent boys acting as journalists who tossed softball question at a president prior to Obama....

So you gotta respect a girl willing to make do in the entertainment industry as best as she can with a few of her mob friends. I mean, shuckies, who can forget those fun filled days when she valiantly fought off the horrors of the Hard Radical Left WINGERS! You know the NRO, who were engaged in Jack Booted Brutal Censorship of her works. Then there is the question we all have to wonder where this comes from:
In August 2005, the Arizona Daily Star dropped Coulter's syndicated column citing reader complaints that "Many readers find her shrill, bombastic and mean-spirited. And those are the words used by readers who identified themselves as conservatives."[32]
[ cf. wiki on Ann Coulter ]
I am just SHOCKED! Shocked I tell you! That the Godless Red Communist Front Organ the Arizona Daily Star would be so clearly a red front agency of godlessNeff.

One also has to worry about the scary part:
Coulter has been engaged several times, but never married.
( op cit )
since clearly if she were a decent and proper all american type, then shouldn't she have married and settled down by now? You know, following all of that clearly biblically literal biblical literalisms about the role of women in our new america? Things that would follow from the american history that should have been?

Before we bail out, one of the questions that folks really should be looking at, is the failure to find useful work for guys like Dino. He and the rest of the cigarette smoking, boozers, would make the failed mockery of manhood that too many would believe. Thus destroying not merely the role of the feminine, but dehumanizing all of humanity. That, tragically, is what lead to all of the failed branches of flatulence laden feminisms right straight up to HanoiAnnie Coulter, Sarah Pallin, and all of the rest of the post-rationalist.

While there is no going back to remake those Helms Movies - and god save me if the threat that anyone will remake them comes true - but hopefully now we can see WHY we must stop them before they destroy what is left of america.

( Five Easy Pieces )
Saturday, May 8th, 2010
10:04 pm
The God Token Problem
Mad props to tongodeon for his best effort in In which I prove that God does not exist, but I am not sure this is what would pass as a proof, nor that it is addressing the relevant issue.

First off, God language is very real, and while it is memetic, and can be useful in explaining why there is a linguist implication towards a religious belief that numbers are numerical, this positive assertion does little if anything to deal with the existence or non-existence of numbers as actual entities.

Let Theta be a token that indicates the number of things is XplarG. Clearly if a XplarG exists, and it can contain things, then there exists some number which will be therein contained, and that number might as well be Theta as 'N' or 'K'.

So we can easily arrive at a utilizable notion, whether or not there is or is not an XplarG, and it can or can not contain things.

Now enter the anti-Thetans, who doubt that there ever was or ever will be Theta, irregardless of the state and containing capacity of XplarG. Not that i wish to be anti-thetical here or anything. But merely to show a part of the language game we are in the middle of.

The utility of god phrasing games (GPG) have always been independent of the god for whom the games were first played. This is easy to follow as we move Ishtar into Easter, and shaitan into satan. But do get to be problematic, as we saw the matter at law in the seventies, when the restoration of Mithra-ism inside of the american armed forces lead to the complications as to whether or not the american chaplaincy corp, and the uniform regulations, were under any obligation to maintain and support the classic religion of the roman legion. One of those niggly bits that of course most folks fail to discuss in polite society. I mean, if one were to abandon mithraism, would the american armed forces still be able to win wars, and protect americans from IranqIstanian Flying Saucers?

It is really not that hard to show that with the failure of the Roman Legion to maintain it's true moral piety, and fielty to one true religion, the empire crumbled under the myth of some dead jewish carpenter. Thus clearly disproving tongodeon central thesis. Not to mention helping folks understand that without the persecuted followers of Mithra inside the american armed forces, we would today be speaking russian under the jack booted iron fist of the Red Communist Anti-Christ in the white house.....

The alternative is that we step back form the 'he said, she said' approach as to which is the one true and only GOD! And work with the problems of GPG - and how as a species we keep blaming these classes of language games, rather than address the limitations of UTM's ( universal turing machines ) to provide a sufficiently robust enough computing language P, that given any input I, that they are able to provide computational entities Theta greater than their own complexity rating.

So why not blame Theta for the fall of the stock market instead of the myth that it is some how tied up with the fiasco in the greek debt refinancing problem - since, well, clearly in 'rational actor' model of market economics, such things should not happen! Thus again, we prove that the utility of a viable GPG will reveal the appropriate Theta, and thus, if we need to, that the president is the anti-christ, and that derivatives are, well, derived.

As long as there is a need for a god token in the GPG, there will be a god token in the GPG. It is not even a requirement that the god token actually exist. Since the existence or non-existence of the god token, is totally irrelevant to the GPG in itself! If we have learned anything from the last few thousand years of recorded history it is that the Croupier's crop will be in the hand with the better GPG.

Oh yes, never bet on a red God.
Thursday, April 29th, 2010
9:34 pm
Arizona to mandate that numbers are numerical!
Yes happy Kampfr's, as a bond new drewing a line, I look forward to seeing AZ step in and mandate that Numbers are Numerical! A hard won third option, given the really strong commitment to both the "numbers are numerological" and "number theory is just a theory" crew.

I wander this way since I find it interesting that the NYT opted to opt in with Why Arizona Drew a Line which does a lovely job of defending the legal limits for 'reasonable suspicion', and then proceeds to defend the somewhat interesting thesis
The New Law does nothing new.
Which seems such a surprise! I mean, uh, why waste the tax payer's hard earned cash play acting that there is a new law in town that will do something about some folks some where...

Then there is this piece of marvel:
Iraq war veteran may be denied citizenship
Ekaterine Bautista served honorably for six years and earned a Combat Action Badge, but she used a relative's name. She fears deportation.
[ cf Iraq war veteran may be denied citizenship ]

What is god's wonderful meaning we should divine from this?

That the US Military is so hard up to get troops they were willing to take on illegal immigrants?

How can this be?

What is the real issue that really needs to be address in the immigration issue? Is it that those illegals were taking away all of the high paying jobs in the US military... Or what?

While working the deal here, try to remember to construct the argument in a way that we do not get bogged down with the details about how in a Free Market System radical left wing extremist progressive like the Godless AZ legislature should not be impeding the free trade in the free market with these shilly shally laws about where a person is allowed to work. I would hate to consider that a lame fail. But be reasonable.

What majikal solution was the AZ law suppose to really produce? Remember to construct the argument in a way that doesn't simply say that when one has gone bonkers after 8 years of the Failed Liberalism of Dubya, and the growing Imperial Presidency of Obama, that, uh, these things happen.

Maybe it would be a good time for americans to ponder if there were some merit to the idea of restoring reasoning as a reasonable way of doing these things. Why who knows, we might get to numerical numbers, and then metrics of analysis, and heaven only knows, the testable hypothesis.

It could happen.
Saturday, April 24th, 2010
1:36 pm
Awkward economic moments.
I was rudely interrupted by a robo call from USAA, which use to be limited to those who had actually served in the US military. But just like GEICO - Government Employee Insurance Corporation - once was about providing services to members of the Evil Liberal Welfare State so called employee's, times change.

So of course I do a web search, and get back all sorts of strange details. Until up pops, on, of all places, yahoo news, a reference to the SCARY:
The one message USAA wants to leave with their members is to "contact your U.S. Senator now." Presumably, the contact should be to express support for a USAA proposal to write a loophole into the Volcker rule that exempts insurance companies from rules that will apply to investment banks with consumer banking operations, like JPMorgan
[ cf USAA wants your support in exempting itself from the Volcker Rule ( emphasis mine )]

How did JP Morgan wind up wandering into a space formerly, uh, allowed only to insurance firms offering consumer banking operations? What if there had been laws that were doing the volckerThingie, but were known as say Glass-Steagall Act which kept the great wall of china between the investment banks consumer banking operations? You know, so that the banks would not fall into the moral hazard of betting against their own clients?

I am not advocating that we retreat, as is the popular charm of teaTardia, to a time before currency, and that we shall all have to keep chickens about for trade. But one does ahve to wonder if there is at least some amusingly comical and acceptable level of Schadenfreude in this moment? That gosh, it is not merely a mystical theoretical discussion of the dismal science; as debated by mere pointy headed academic pinheads. But the Big Giggler of listening to retired major General say
"We're just trying to ensure that the Volcker Rule, while still applying to a depository institution would not apply to the business of insurance," says Wildermuth. "The specific wording is above my pay grade."
( op cit ) ( emphasis mine )
Ah such tastey irony.

Now there is that scary cranky old guy strategy that leaps to mind:
Why not give up this failed radical agenda!
And return to what worked.
But that would mean re-relearning why it was that the Glass-Steagall Act had been put into play. It might mean actually addressing what sort of finanacial 'too big to fail' systems we can afford in our country.

But that way would mean that one would want a conservativism based upon the actual history actually lived, and potentially, learned from. Rather than as we have been watching with the gnostic knowledge of the neo-cons and their neo-neo-con follow ons, where the past is as it should have been, if only that had been our past. Such a slippery beast is not the sort of thing that one can ever measure or even know! Since clearly the past will keep changing as the needs of the neo-neo-neo-con's need a new past that they had always supported.

Maybe now more than ever, we must address the closing of the conservative mind. ( if you do the web search you will ironically find the red communist fellow travellor Dinesh D'Souza over at the NRO, back in march of 2007, calling for a questioning of 'the closing of the conservative mind'. So we really should not blame just Who closed the conservative mind as the source of the scary bits. )

Yes, you really should read The Epistemic Closing of the Conservative Mind since as long as we do not have any of the core foundations for a reasonable economy, such as 'the prudent man theory', there will be little chance of recovering a stable and reasonable financial sector. Or is that too a part of the problem. In the new world order, the idea of a stable and reasonable financial sector is now some sort of dangerous liberal idea to be opposed.

So before we wander into the chaos of the current story blending about SEC players porn surfing, rather than doing their job of regulating the economy, while the financial sector was cratering, we may need to have an epistemic community that is capable of detecting the Irony.

For our slower readers. If you opposed the Regulation of the Economy, on say religious grounds, would you care who got the patronage jobs at places like the SEC? Where they were just there, well, to help drive up the deficit, rather than to provide value for services rendered. Does it really matter what they were doing? Just so long as they were not getting in the way of the economy. Which of course is so self regulating.

As a USAA member I am somewhat amused. I generally like the crew, they have done right by me. So I do hope that we can find a way to work the deal here. We need to find a way to correctly re-implement the relevant portions of the Glass-Steagal Act that would allow us to have the required separations.

And yes, since you asked, the USAA banking was established in December 1983. Which in my timeline is a bit before the Clinton Administration imposed the redIslamicGayTerrorism of Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) that ended Glass-Steagal.

The alternative here might be that, well, gosh USAA has always been some sort of Renegade Organization? You know like a Maverick? Or, uh....
Sunday, April 18th, 2010
3:06 pm
Is america at war?
I hate to keep harping on this question, but one really does have to wonder. Why would we want to say that we are any more at war now than we had been under dubya or clinton, or even reagan for that matter.

What does it really mean in america to be 'at war' - if it even really means anything at all.

Given the economic downturn in the last few years of the dubya administration, one might have to question the religious belief that it was WWII that ended the great depression. Rather than the somewhat unpleasant thot that gosh, what if the balanced budget games of 1937 help stifled the economic recovery that had started with the FDR stimulus plan. Since clearly if war is good for bizniz, then, well, if the bizniz is shedding jobs and embarking upon a classical deflationary spiral towards the liquidity trap, one has to wonder why that is. Or how that could occur if the nation were 'at war'.

As such, if we are to believe the media, and that we are moving towards an economic recovery, never mind that we are still functionally in a liquidity trap, does that economic recovery come, as myth would have it, because Finally we are at war.

Fair warning advisory - the laws of land warfare are NOT limited to only a time of 'war', but are the rules with regards to the use of national military forces, what one would argue are are 'legitimate military forces'. So please, let us not folly around with that piece of frivolity.

Does a nation even need an enemy state to be at war with? Or can nations just opt to be 'at war', you know, for the heck of being 'at war', cause gosh, it is just so much more fun to be 'at war'. Thus a 'war on literacy' will work just as well as any other war, for the purpose of being 'at war' - or is there really something special about being 'at war' that should make a distinction.

If such a distinction exists, how would an american notice it?

We could then ask the question of whether there are various types of war that we can be in, and thus whether or not those various types offer any unique and interesting distinctions. Is the war on literacy more or less of a war in this context? Are imperial wars to maintain the Pax Americana a part of this process? Is there a difference when the nose count of contractors to welfare recipients a factor in when a war is more in column A as opposed to being in column B.

Would this be a bad time to talk about corporate wars - and should corporations be obliged to field their own military/paraMilitary forces - to achieve their independence from the limitations of the socialist welfare state. I mean it worked well for both the British and Dutch East India Companies.
I mean wouldn't that solve things? Since then it would no longer be a burden on american tax payers, and the whole cheering for one's team could be more effectively productized, and we could all buy the cool plush toys and T-Shirts.

Or is that also a part of the problem here. We wanted to believe that we were the civlized folks, that some how, majikally the american exceptionalism would make us more something... That it would not be the case that 'being at war' would itself become the sort of mere partisan political phootBaal that gets tossed around when it is politically expedient.

There is the other messy part in all of this, namely the core problems of asymmetric warfare. How do we decide that the problem has moved up the escalatory trail to a point where military units, as opposed to paramilitary units, are a required part of the process. This is a two edged sword, since the myth CONUS is that the posse comitatus act will some how majikally protect militias from the attack by American Military Forces. Ok, the PCA is an amusing piece of american history that starts with the compromise of how to end the jack booted occupation of the South by bible burning bayonet weilding blue bellies, and has been the fun all the way up to the recent repeal of the John Warner National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2007 which offered El Presidente the right to do as he would, in any condition when El Presidente felt it most important to send in federal troops to protect us from american citizens, or zombies, or which ever is the health risk problem.

{ yes, one has to wonder why that power was rescinded back in 2008? Were folks afraid of the power? or that it might fall to someone other than the War Presidente? }

Should americans take the time to actually become conversant in the actual problems of actual asymmetric warfare? Or should we support their myths about the majikal powers of warfare? In the hope that as they embrace the mystical and mythological, they will not take the time to sit down and work out the technical issues involved. I will confess that this is a very american approach:
Instead of building a better mouse trap,
Breed Dumber Mice.
But I am afraid it never really works like that. We watched a generation of draft bait come home from vietnam and have to work out the complications. We watched the Oklahoma Bombing, being one of many, where the technical expertise was provide by former american military personnel. So we should simply skip over the actual flow of our actual american history and just hope that we will waltz forward into the sunset with no one calling for The League of Front Line Soldiers as the curative.

How are we as americans planning on dealing with these issues?

As a nation we do not have the anglo-french history of Imperial Storm Troopers, and the complications when the indigenous populations are tired of visitors who have over stayed their welcome. Unless we take into account what we might have learned from vietname. And may need to relearn with regards to Iraq, IF the nation actually must some day face allowing the american troops there to follow in the foot steps of the american occupation forces in france, and, well, leave.

Speaking of which, why is it that none of the psuedoCons ever whine about 'who lost france?' Or is that because most of them never took the time to learn about how one leaves one's military bases in foreign lands to the indigenous population.

What if the really unpleasant part of the problem is that the blithely simple jingoistic flag waving days of a jolly good war have come and left. That as a species, we need to find some other planet where we can send our valiant fighting forces. You know the sort of football hooligans who make a mess of so many major urban areas - folks who would do clearly far better under the old imperial policies of being posted abroad to the frontiers.

What if we really DO need starship troopers to go out there, just so that we can finally make planet earth the Rear Area.... Who knows, maybe even a nice place to get a good job, buy a new home, settle into boring weekends meeting with friends to discuss something other than our war winning ways, and why we must crush the unbelievers who are not supporting the president to support the troops to Total Victory.
Saturday, April 17th, 2010
3:04 pm
muddling near why we haven't met any aliens.
My evil friend ver offered me Why We Haven’t Met Any Aliens. What I find most useful for me in the article is concern about how much reasoning, experimentation, et al, are we abandoning as we play on the interGoogles?

Given that my lunch time, read a few more pages, book is The Science of Liberty I am as concerned with the decay in this new 'holy golden braid' of Democracy, Free Trade, Transparent Information by scientific inquiry. I am back to my usual ongoing quest for the holy grail of how epistemic issues will work out. Given the failures to date with Social Darwinism I get nervous around 'evolutionary pscyhology' and buzz about fitness cues.

I must confess that the reasonable argument for Fast food and pornography as the technical oopsie of following a shortest path algorithm to what Miller refers to as fake fitness cues - I always thot it was caused by the horror of Liberalism.... Granted, from a not quite scientific analysis, I have noticed I put on about 20lbs when decaying into the bourgiese sentimentality of a staid and settled living arrangement. But I blame that on actual cooking, and the growing national security threat of latent heterosexual tendencies.

Miller ends with the scary quip:
When they finally achieve contact, it will not be a meeting of novel-readers and game-players. It will be a meeting of dead-serious super-parents who congratulate each other on surviving not just the Bomb, but the Xbox.
Since he seems to not understand the importance of 'game theory' as a system in the species.

So here I am working on writing a blog entry about an four year old essay passed to me by verbal reference first, and then IM'd, and then after misplacing it, I had to webSearch to find it, so that I could reference it for those who like to read on their own. You know, the scary folks who are not just buying everything that the evil liberal media is selling them.

Oh dear, evil liberal housemate has embarked upon destroying the free world by noting that having an actual temp collector inside the oven, will show what the actual heat inside the oven is, so that one can resolve if the temp setting of the machine is actual, or, well, virtual. Thus leading to this terrorFrying theory that next week when baking actual real world friendship bread, that the ability to deal with transparent information over mere faithBased information will improve the quality of the baking process!!! Oh NO! where will we be if this process of godless:
Trust But Verify!
which is an old russian proverb, made popular by the head of Red Hollywood, were, oh dear a useful maxim that remains useful inspite of our transition to using keyboards as data input systems....

What if the scary part of our life is about dealing with those 'fake fitness cues' - both at the intellectual as well as the merely chemical reactant level? What if the scary part of the process remains the problem of sorting out But how do I verify this? as well as, oh dear, the ability to triage what is worth knowing...

But I also love that interesting episode in Babylon 5 where the scary thot is that there are those 'intelligent life forms' willing to send out probes to remove any of the threats that might arise from other forms of semi-intelligent life forms trying to crawl up the evolutionary trail. Why, that would be like saying that Dark Star, the movie, was a scary discussion about what happens when we are purging the universe of unstable elements.

How ever will we teach the next generation how to discuss reasonably with bomb 20, that there are great reasons to return to the bomb bay? Will everything that the next generation know about be limited to solely the 'been there, done that' pragmatic, unexplainable, experientialisms of the actual world?

Ah yes.... what if the scariest of scary parts remains the problem of what utility do we get from game theory? Even more scary as we work with even more computing power to play out the various options that can be dealt with?

What if the big challenge of the 21st century IS figuring out what do we do with what we think we know? And how we think we know it. As well as making a topology of the rest of the knowables? The ones we know we do not know, the things that we could know IF we took the time to know them, and that awkward set, the unknown unknowables....

Ah yes.... what if the same problem has been worked with more than once - what if it is time to ponder what we can learn from say Guns, Germs and steel or Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Survive, or any number of interesting and challenging projects. Issues in a space where knowing actual knowledge took precedence over trying to defeat the scary theyThemThoseGuys, and their retreats into anti-intellectualism!

Ah yes, how do we get the younger generation past the HORRORS of merely wanting to fool around with gender preference appropriate perkin, and gluttonously eat everything that is not nailed down.... I mean, it was not like that when I met my children's mother, why we were seriously committed to the Holy Crusade against the Evil Empire! No Seriously! We were very seriously committed to defeating the forces of darkness and evil.

It is my story, and I am sticking to it.
Tuesday, April 13th, 2010
9:46 pm
The Slavery Question.
It was amusing, to say the least, that the recent discussions coming out of the south is that there is no clear and compelling reason to note slavery as a part of the confederacy month, since now, majikally, and for no apparent reason we are suppose to believe that slavery is bad.

One has to wonder do we still recognize the missouri compromise. Clearly if that even occurred in our american history, one has to wonder who were those seeking the compromise, given the current understanding that slavery is bad.

For those who may not recall the minor matter at law, we are one amendment away from returning to The Dred Scott Decision being stare decisis. Which does raise the question, given that we have repealed prohibition as a failed, Social Engineering - and thus, well, given the rhetorical posturing about whether or not we should engage in social engineering, the matter should be a bit more nerve racking than so many take it to be.

So it would be nice to know why exactly it is that those championing Confederate History Month want us to believe that they are that committed to whistling past the grave yard on the moral and ethical questions about not only 'slavery' as a market force issue, but as a moral issue on par the very same biblical literalism that gave us Loving v. Virginia.

Yes, I understand that in an age of Identity Politics, it may be hard to recall that there was once a very active biblical literalism that was not merely the actions in churches, but had the means and commitment to argue their cases before the US Supreme Court. Oh dear, yes kiddies, Loving v. Virginia, op cit, was argued before the Supremes. It had once been the very hall mark of true faith and piety.

But if you raise the matter of law about our white christian america, well, who but the so called extremists, are willing to step up and bring their biblical literalism with them into the public discourse. Even more so now that psuedo conservatives, as those in the state of mississippi, are willing to offer up the bland generality that some how it is received wisdom that slavery is not a gooder thing.

Oh dear me.

Have I been so impolite as to remind folks that what they believe may be problematic in the future?

Or worse yet, the scary thought, that while it may be popular, trendy, and hip, to presume that if even the radical left wing defeatists in Virginia and Mississippi are willing to say that slavery is a bad thing, that we are but one amendment away from it being established law!

So why exactly is it that slavery is bad?

Is there some clear and compelling argument that will survive the next Robespierre arrived to bring us the new and improved 'uncorruptable'....

Or does that point at the core problem here, namely and to which there are issues with the mythos of Jean Jacques Rousseau and the abandonment of reasoning in favor of some mythological natural state? A return to the age of eden as it were....

So the challenge here is not merely to the so called vast right wing religious konspirakii, but also to the romantic and equally dangerous ones on the left who's commitment to the abandonment of reasoning is their sole compelling argument.

Please, remind me again why it is that we have resolved the slavery question?

Or should I play tip toe through the tulips while reading from Wage, Labor and Capital - or for those pretending to be somewhat conservative, some other austrian texts....

No please, argue your case, and bring the reasoning you like to the matter.
Sunday, April 4th, 2010
2:35 pm
A theocracy of Dunces, being the folly of bad evolutionary theory gone moldier.
I must confess to a fondness for old book stores, and unfortunately have more books that need to be read than the time to read them all to often. The quick reference for today is Richard Hofstadter's Social Darwinism in American Thought which first came out in 1944. So I feel we can all safely consider it dangerous red socialist class traitorisms of the FDR era. Since of course in our currently overly politicized culture we face the need to make clear the ideological deviationalisms......
more boring bitsCollapse )
Saturday, April 3rd, 2010
12:13 pm
Blog against theocracy week end
For the reference Blog Against THEOCRACY which of course the nice folks over at talk2action: it's blog against theocracy weekend were kind enough to remind folks.

The comedy challenge of these times is that we have so many 'pro-war-like' rhetorical posturing out there, and yet, we are facing the scary times that these folks then play duck and cover about how pro-war like they really meant to be, as opposed to actually being. I put the pro-war problem into play here since we have the big bug problem that we have so few calls for national wars, and/or wars of coalitions of nation states. Instead we are looking at the problem of religious trans-national groups seeking to embark upon warfare to rescue us from the horror of which ever political system we are in.

If we are not careful, we might wander away from asymetric warfare scenario's and, tragedy of tragedies, revert to the boredom and tedium of life after the Holy Wars.

I just laughed at the funny in jon stewart's take down of the CNN freak show that is erik erikson, the red state blogger who is not sure which is the position he should be taking, now that his original media gaming at red state got him the job. Fortunately for CNN it is not like they are concerned with what happens, just so long as folks bring eyeballs to adverts. That is the business model, and the rest of it, well, there is something about a fourthier estate, and some truthier stuff, but isn't that really the department for places like comedy central?

This is not good.

It will help americans if they find a way to opt-in on a factualist based world view. This would allow them to work out what is true and what is false, and what types of questions are not at all resolvable. Yes, an argument can be made that the collapse of factualism in the evil liberal media has obliged americans to join 'the intelligence' revolution in which they need to learn the skill mix to know how to vet sources. One of the more interesting turns of phrase:
The FBI failed to understand the Guardians' peaceful intentions.
The appearance of Mr. Boustred in the mix may give some clue to the assertion by the Guardians that they had an agreement with "the military" to support their quiet coup.

[ cf Guardians of the free Republics looked to Gandhi, King, and Mandela ]
But of course those FBI guys are the enemy, eh no?

Ah yes... Can we return to those kinder gentler more halcyon days when all we needed was:
Support the Presidente,
To Support the Troops
and that was going to solve everything, because we would
Kick Their Ass,
and take their Gas.
Which I think helped fuel the economic miracle, eh no?

Or maybe not.

When I crawl into the unpleasant space, what keeps on worrying me is that ugly little question that I keep running into year after year. All of these pro-war fans, the fine folks who will of course advocate restoring some mythological christian nation that we would have been in the past, keep fumbling over how to get back to that never happened past! While at the same time raising all of these alleged war poseur position - such as the fight against this form, or that form, of Nazi Commie Death Kamps, and are all good about that war language. Right up until the indictments start rolling in on Levying War on The United States Of America at which point they either skuttle away saying that they had no way of knowing that folks would take them literally, or sideways trying to blame everyone else around them.

Most folks are of course pleased as punch that this or that terrorist threat event did not go as horribly wrong as it could have gone. It's not as bad as, which ever was the last instance of a domestic terrorist operation gone bad.

But what bothers me is that the core problem of the empire falling and the unbelievers arriving in their long boats to take over our white christian american way of life has not diminished. But we now have more folks who have come out with such a willingness to be the new stasi to the new overlords, beause, well, it is not like any of them meant any of the scary stuff about war fighting to restore and/or rescue the republic, you know after the empire falls.

{ why is it that christianists are all into the fun of Gibbon's The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire but are always a wee bit dodgey about their commitment to the Fall of the Roman Republic? }

I must say that the fun of the dominionists biblical literalism is that, gosh, you know, there is really nothing in the bible about republics, or elected officials, deriving their authority from the consent of the people. You really do have to support them on that part of their factualism. But doesn't that raise the even deeper problem - When a christianist has sworn their oath of honor to defend the United States Constitution - have they arrived at a conflict of interest? Or do they paper over that problem with the holy belief that it really is not as if they have an obligation to anyone in that nation save the saved?

For those watching the problems in Gaza, it is not easy for Hamas to rule in a state in which the core business model is religious charity for persons willing to kill 'the others'. Should americans be looking at that as a thot experiment and warning? Should they be looking to the internal conflict in Israel between the religiously Zionist and the secular communists, and, well the sabra, who just want to dance and meet gender affectionally appropriate persons?

Should americans look at waziristan, and the long and winding road, that was not on the beatle's albums, but covers amongst other problems the RAF's failure to pacify the area with what was in the 30's the state of the art air warfare mechanisms? Should we be looking at the crisis of faith about how do we want to allow autonomous unregulated religious crazy stations? Have we as a society gone past what we could do with that interesting approach to the problem? Or will we keep revisiting it as a part of the fail?

For a bit of completeness yes, we should make at least a reference to Persepolis the 2007 terrorist film by enemies of the state, since, how can anyone oppose the True Religion! and hence also the True Religious State! And.... or would this be a bad time to remind americans that not all Taliban are Shi'ite...

Hum.... Or should we just keep on disco ducking around the usual problems. In John Yoo's America, where the president is allowed to make as many nanking massacre's as are required for the domestic political expediencies, we really should take this holy weekend and wonder which positions do we as americans really want to be taking? Would we like a retreat to a mere rule of law?

Do we need to keep re-writing our history so that we live in the kinder, gentler america where there was no Father of Hate Radio? You know, the fun folks who were willing to rationalize their support for [GODWIN LAW MOMENT] and musselini? Ah yes... those fun times, when the communists and radical hard left were engaged in the terrorism of supporting the republic in spain against the fine folks whom the pope was supporting? Ah yes - the complications that we as a nation are still not sure we want to address openly in polite society.

Or can we some day find a way to be not only an actual historical nation, but also merely one more republics amongst other republics? Where it would be safe for folks like thomas paine to live. The actual historical thomas paine whom so many condemned for being an atheist because he was not christianist enough for them.

What if americans had to actually live in the actual flow of their actual history?

Would they still be able to arrive at a desire to restore a theocracy?
Thursday, April 1st, 2010
9:10 pm
The holy wars continue.
First off we have the question about BaBa O'Reilly coming out as both Pro-Gay and Anti-White Christian American! What other recourse are we to take that he wants to pay the court costs to persecute White Christian Americans who are protesting the Gay HomoZeXual War of the Evil Obamanites?

Ok, yes, some will argue that simply because the protest occurred back in 2006, Father Of Dead Marine Ordered To Pay Legal Fees Of Westobro Baptist Church Protesters , that the protest occurred prior to Obama being on watch... But yeah, those folks are just confused about how EVIL the obamanites are in these evil things.

In related news, of course, is the GODLESS persecution of the Holy Crusader who struck down the murderer of the UnBorn, on the word of god - and was still swinging through today's sentencing phase of the game. Why if only they had allowed him to show some sort of photo's about miscarriages, then of course the court would have clearly seen that such are the acceptable justifications.

Then there is that part of the party programme where we are all suppose to Oppose the Godless Radical Left Wing Extremist Soft on WhatEver Michigan Militia types who abandon our White Christian American Holy Jihaudist^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H Warriors who were fighting the secular state, and, well, let us be honest, I rather expect that they were banking on their co-religionists in the USAF to give it up to god and bring the nuclear tipped ALCM's as a part of the Holy PURGING of the anti-christs ranks.

Ok, so today was a cranky kinda day, when this reasonably intellectually intelligent cowOrker was whining about 'but what if the script invokes an remote shell to execute a command on a remote machines' - and I ran into the need to remind myself, that we will have to be careful here, since, we need to make clear to them that any command executed upon the remote machine that does not cause a change of state on the remote machine will be as if schrodinger's cat opted to lick a paw and bug out of the box. While clearly it is an event in occurrence it is not an observable event, and therefore not one of the sorts of events that we could observe the occurrence of...

Now do not get me wrong here folks. I think that if we allow mere secularist approaches to using science to be used, innocent children will be lead into death and destruction.

So far the islamicists have not been spending centuries in holy war with mere science and technology, so they are not as upset about science or technology. While their christianist counterparts have been so totally committed to a war on science first, that it may have impacted not only the dull boring and technical side of the debate - you know, which wire goes where - but they christianists may have opted out on the managerial sciences as well - you know, things like check lists and gannt charts - you know the holy information management systems before the chaulk drawings of mere power point presentations.

This might provide us with why it is that the evil god hating america bashing islamicists are willing to learn how to fly BIG planes into buildings - it is possible that the christianists are correct, and that the attack on the IRS by a distraught secularist TeaBagger against the IRS was not a truly pious and christian attack.

So while christianists are looking lame, lame, lame, the islamicists are blowing up chunks of formerly soviet russia.....

Now do not get me wrong here folks... we may not want to get toooooooo cranky about the texianists and their adoption of a christianist dogma about school books. They may be onto something here! Better that children are not aware of the obligatory management skill mix and the requisite technical capacities.... because, well, if the two of those things were to marry up to the holy warrior mentality, americans might be facing more dead americans as the christianists, dare I say it, evolved into a competent combat force!
Sunday, March 21st, 2010
8:32 pm
Remembering Which Pearl Harbor.
I of course get to whine that the evil s9 dropped the GlennBeckistanian Whine about how the current which ever is the new pearl harbor. So I tried to get an answer about which Pearl Harbor kult thing are we all suppose to be getting our game on about?

Would this be the Pearl Harbor of say, Jack London Fame? never mind the details about how that was a 1943 movie, and therefore was not really as predictive of the evil yellow peril as we might expect? Or should we say pause with Billy Mitchell and queue the elegant Court Martial ThereOf (1955) as we deal with, gosh, that big SCARY GUILT ISSUE, that GOSH, why just as in Command Decision (1948) there were those after the war who were concerned about not quite looking like they had been, well, you know, soft on the Military.... I mean would anyone after WWII really want to be stuck stepping on their dick about Billy Mitchell, and, well the fact that he did call the ball on Pearl Harbor in ways that Red Hollywood had laid off on Jack London... Would sorta sucked to have had that film come out in the middle of the war.... IMAGINE the whole 'why there are 57 known fellow travelors of...'

Instead, we are SOOOOOOOOO in need of Battle of Taranto as the follow up to all of those Stunning WWI RAF v. German Navy thingies... For those folks who do not have the time to click on through - The battle of Taranto is the RN's Air Arm against the Italian Fleet at the Harbor of Taranto - 1940. Yup, that is what is referred to in Tora! Tora! Tora! the glorious american effort to make it ok to deal with the japanese! A crucial cultural issue, given the growing need for, well... anime...

So please, let us not act like stoopid touristing americans. Those following Naval v. air arms were well aware of what would happen if an air strike were launched on the fleet at pearl. If there is any insanity that americans have never emotionally resolved, it is the crisis of faith about what really did go wrong there.

Yes, yes, yes, I know, the Communist Red Hordes in Red Hollywood would give us Across the pacific with boggie in 1942. So yes, we really should thank red hollywood for saving the canal from the Communist Hordes, or which ever is our current party line.

But there are also the other problems in sorting out which symbolism of the whole Pearl Harbor Thingie, since, well gosh.... We really should be polite and thank the japanese for doing the right thing and helping the americans liberate themselves from the bourgiese decadence of a battleship navy. { yes kids, for extra credit remember stalin's official position on battleships and the soviet navy, and hence why when they did finally adopt a battle cruiser class, well... that rotational sound... it's not really that technical an issue. }

The japanese by failing to get the american carriers, and skipping over the sub base, were to allow for the implementation of the twin HORRORS of anti-battleship navy. On the one hand the well documented horror of PrimaDonnaHell that would finally degenerate into Tom Cruise Movies. Which of course were sorta fun, since, well, ok, so maybe someone inside of RedHollywood understood that they were making a fleet grade Rocky Horror Picture Show. But... one should not ascribe to malice where mere incompetence will suffice! But.... Well, ok, it could be a part of an ontological proof of god under the argument from divine comedy! Now don't get me wrong here folks! I have nothing against carrier creatures! Nice people really. Just not sure you really want them dating your parents.

So let us skip over the carrier action, since if you are under educated enough to not know about the american carrier war in the pacific, I am DULY impressed you got this far.

What most folks do not know is that the american submarine fleet was basically of two minds. The first part were the ideological puppet toady stooges of the revisionist reactionary battleship fleet mentality and presumed that the sole role of submarines was to be the vanguard of the battleship fleet. Ok, so the japanese submariners would never get the idea that economic warfare is far more dangerous than all of that samurai with torpedo ideology. In one of the greatest pieces of 'war gaming history' the struggle inside the japanese naval command would be ironic and allow japanese naval air hot heads play the americans in their wargame about midway. The Judges ruled against the hot heads, since of course the americans would never do anything like that. Technically the judges were sorta correct, since the americans did FAR WORSE DAMAGE.

Now that I think about it, why is it that so few americans talk about the glorious Rainbow plans, Let alone discussing say War Plan Orange could it be that, well, uh, without the battleship fleet one had to deal with the realpolitik in the real world, rather than in GlennBeckianist Dogmatic commitment to ideological purity?

I think that folks really should thank folks like Dr. Pape, and his Bombing to Win and other such analysis of the actual influence of air power in the pacific.... cause, uh, after the american submarine force implemented Doernitz's unrestricted submarine warfare policies - even if that did mean sinking ships with american POW's on them - it left Japan lacking in the raw materials to continue a protracted war. I shall leave it to pedants to wank out whether it was the destruction of the Manchurian Army - which had been abandoned there, and would not have been able to defend the homeland.... uh, for lack of transports to get them home to defend the homeland. Or that nuclear bomb thing which helped save the americans from their Operation Downfall.

But americans really should wonder why it is that here we are this many years after the most glorious of all economic wars against another nation, and well, let us be honest kids, it really does justify the American Navy's defense of Grand Admiral Doenitz! I mean, we showed the world that if you are willing to engage in the sort of grand military operation to destroy the economy of ferrign yellow devils, uh... you will be able to then litigate if they had falsely covered up the threat of their yellow peril hybrid cars - which they were selling in america because GM litigated itself out of it's lead in electric cars in california....

Hum.... Makes a Guy Think...

What if Glenn Beck is correct, and that just as FDR had personally lead the IranqIstanian Flying Saucers to attack our fleet in Pearl Harbor, the current policies of that Uppity One are a threat because it might allow other nations to take advantage of the fact that america is crushed under the horrors of frivolous lawsuits, like that whole thing of Orly Taitz, and the concern that Obama does not really have a belly button, because he is really a space alien! I mean! has anyone actually seen that Obama has a real belly button? A real Human Being Belly Button... SO clearly the persecution by obamanites of innocent Orly Taitz MUST prove that the Obamanites were the ones who supplied the IranqIstanian Flying Saucers to FDR to attack our fleet so that they would be freed up from the horrors of Bourgeoisie Euro-Centerist White Male Dogma about naval warfare!

But hold on there a moment folks, why we are then left to deal with whether or not this means that GlennBeckista are attacking JOHN WAYNE! Since in the lovely In Harm's Way we have Otto Preminger addressing the problems of the psuedo-cons who were opposed to Mr. Roosevelt's war and gosh, given the GlennBeckista's take on stuff, one has to wonder what John Wayne ever did to him that GlennBeckista so, well hate's John Wayne! Why that is tantamount to hating our whole american way of life!

Or are we suppose to see GlennBeckista as the anti-ForrestGump whining:
Life is like a box of Flatulence.
Sometimes it is smelly.
Sometimes it is boxy
If you know what we mean.

{ hey snivellers, yeah you freaks, the groupies who are aware of some of the decrypts, and are still basically hating John Wayne and trying to blame Pearl Harbor on FDR in some other way... Yeah, cope with your deep seated emotional crisis! }
Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010
2:38 pm
I love kabuki security
I love Kabuki Theatre! The firm that will be dealing my RSU/ESOP is playing the Patriot Act, and that some credit agency is not vetting that I am me, because the credit agency doesn't believe i am me for some reason. Never mind that the company pushing the RSU had to vet me for the patriot act! So they pop the question about a name that is no longer operable, as she changed it back after the 2nd divorce, and wanted me to tie a birth date to this non-existing name. I mean, hell, if I had remembered those sorts of things 20+ years ago I might not have been divorced....

But fortunately we can trust the free market to do the right thing, this is why we are outsourcing the whatever On Whom Ever to no bid contractors! Since only the rational expectations of the market can keep us safe from the growing threat that people who have been divorced for more than 20 years might not remember the birthday of that person!

And you know that will cause Capitale Gaines Taxes, and KittenThingies!!!! So let's keep them from touching any financial transactions with regards to their RSU/ESOP, since, well....

Sunday, February 28th, 2010
8:31 pm
Thots for SaraGwin
This is going to deal with misandry questions, and issues I get to blame SaraGwin for.
the rest after the clickCollapse )
7:04 pm
Reviewing the End of Influence.
One of my evil liberal friends noticed that brad delong had another book out. So I decided that someone responsible needed to read it, and offer a review. There is the reality check that folks will ultimately need to resolve for themselves should they buy The End of Influence: What Happens When Other Countries Have the Money or borrow a copy of it.

For those who were looking at the final horror of the death of our internet optomism in The Dollar Crisis, there has been that sneaking fear that we might turn into the next emerging nation financial melt down. But what Brad deLong and Stepehn Cohen make reasonably clear, there is a critical difference. America is in hawk for dollars, and not for some foreign currency. The tragi-comedy here is that this is the living manifestation of the old alledge keynes quote:
If you owe your bank a hundred pounds, you have a problem. But if you owe a million, it has.
[ cf wiki quote ]
Since the big problem at this point is that the american dollar has been salted away all over the planet, as an allegedly safe currency - so it is not like anyone wants a run on settling these debts soon.

So for the time being, there is a place to work on unwinding this series of transactions.

The other fun laugh I got from the book was how
...was that Gates had chosen the right parents --
since this line points out more than a few of the core problems that the cult of free marketeering has failed to address in the real world.

In theory we can not get into the current financial crisis, since in a purely Adam Smithian Model of the way that the economy should be working, the demand for foreign products that has driven the trade deficit, would be balanced by allowing the dollar to drop. Thus the price of foreign goods, services, and products become more expensive in local currency, thus providing an impletus to buy locally. Which would then provide the goods and services to be sold abroad, and returning the economies back into balance.

Ah yes, but that has not happened... So either there are defects in FreeMarketeering that will need to be addressed and resolved, or, it is time to start a witch hunt against the TheyThemThoseFolks.

The authors are not gathering faggots for the fire, nor are they weighing people to see if they will float on par with a Goose. Instead they look at both the actual american "industrial policy" of the post WWII era as well as the adoption of the financialization solution that shifted america officially into being not merely the new 'bank of england' model of the global empire, but also the larger part of the street.

I would have preferred if they had taken the time to address Alfred Thayer Mahan and The Influence of Sea Power upon History as the original shift of america to an industrial policy. Which fortuitously was written almost a decade before the Spanish American War offered americans a chance to address whether Manifest Destiny comes from the Barrel of a Gun, or the divine mandate to colonize the world.... So it might well be that the whole debate about Manifest Destiny was a polite way of avoiding the somewhat vulgar debate about a Nationalized Industrial Policy hiding behind the skirts of the military.

In like manner it would have added more to the argument if they had stressed more about the national strategic plans to support Japan and the four little tigers of asia, so that they would not fall to communism, the communism of the Dengist Revisionist Capitalist Roader Deviationalism. Ironically the very dragon of doom that would rise up in 1980, and by the end of the decade be well ready to support the rise of sovereign funds. Some of them run by the little princes....

But I can also understand why that was not a hot rocket ride anyone from the baby boomer generation really wanted to get on - since, well, it messes with the myth systems about the free market, as well as what should the USofA done with the so called strategic requirements to keep the RimPac nations safe from ChiComm interventions? Even more so after Nixon opened the door to china, and abandoned our great war allies of not only South Vietnam, but the players in laos and cambodia as well...

Now should americans really be discussing the complications of the economic policies, well, when there is a time of, well, what ever it is that is like a cold war, but with more Umph...

Since clearly if we whine about the policies that were taken under the Reagan administration, are we supporting the cold warriors? You know, to support the cold war? Or... And doesn't that also open up the very debate about the politics of macro economics in these very times, when it might be possible that a muslim, kenyan, darkie were really the commander in chief while various sectors of the military were able to avail themselves of congressional funded hostile fire tax event sequences?

Ah yes... what if we were to be honest as a nation and openly discuss the problems that actually occur? Should people be allowed to hide behind the ideological rhetoric of a mythological 'capitalism' any more than they should be allowed to hide behind any other form of mythology?

Also important in the discussion is whether or not the rise of the USofA was a religious miracle, or something that we can discuss in rational boring and pedantic tones? Should we be so impolite as to talk about americans selling arms to all takers, as long as they paid cash on the barrel head - before we opted in to both world wars? Or would that too be the vulgarity of actually discussing real money issues, even if they piece the mystic of our QoolKidWays?

For those of us who hoped that the internet age was truly going to set us free from the folly and stoopid of bad economic theory - the tragedy remains that it did not. The free marketeering libertarians were not willing to be honest about their approaches to industrial policies, any more than the folly of the liberals and their myths about industrial policies.

We can only hope that books like this will offer people a starting point for better discussions about which defunct economist they want to rule their ideology.

Who knows, it might even offer them a hope that we can keep working the problem for a solution that will not require us to turn off our brains, and go with the insane!
Sunday, February 21st, 2010
1:26 pm
Wacked and Stacked.
On top of the usual 'seven mountain' dominionist kult efforts to restore america to a history that did not exist, there is now the attack of the 'twelve vision party' - and what starts smelling like one more gnostic groupie game - about 'new think' - ah yes, you have to love 'neoFoo' as a Portmanteau game to play.

One of the tragic asides in all of this is the small fuggly:
For more than two decades, Andrew Joseph Stack III did battle against what he said was an unfair federal tax system.

One focus of his anger was a 1986 tax change that experts agree made it harder for software engineers and other high-tech professionals to work as independent contractors.
In the posting, Stack wrote that he and others "carefully studied the law (with the help of some of the 'best', high-paid experienced tax lawyers in the business) and then began to do exactly what the 'big boys' were doing," referring to tax exemptions taken by the Catholic Church.

[ cf Stack's fight against tax system focused on, not limited to, 1986 change ]
Which, for our historically challenged friends, means that Stack was attacking not ONLY the evils of the Obamanite Red Socialism, as is the trendy thot amongst psuedoCons - but he was attacking
Ronald Reagan
and thus we can reasonably establish that clearly he was some sort of Red Kommunist Paid Agent of HELL bent upon destructing our white christian americanism with his godlessNeff.

( yes s9, this is the clear and compelling proof that stack was a communist puppety toady of the hard lefty! )

But then again, we are living in the wonderland times Where the 'logic' of the psuedoCon position is that the IRS should have been allowed to waterboard this guy to see if he was a possible terrorist. At which point he should not have been tried in a mere civilian court, because those sorts of trials are what cause folks like Stack to take their radical left wing attack on america!

There is another approach we might want to take - and work on the problems of public education in a wider and civic duty prespective.

Many TeaBaggers got caught out in the racialist overtones of their calls to restore the jim crowe laws about poll taxes when they were trying to deal with the fact that there are folks who might be taken in by dangerous religious cults and the pay-per-view political scams, who might not be competent enough to be of use as actual electors.

But they might have had a point well worth making, and well worth unwrapping from their racialisms.

What if the ability to be a software developer is not in itself a sufficiency of proof that one has the intellectual acumen, emotional stability, and mere rationality to engage in the complex and difficult process of being an elector!

Remember folks, that as a republican, I feel that the sort of mindless populism we see in places like California, where we play ringBinderConstitutionalism with all sorts of silly ballot initiatives, is not a reassuring moment! But the tragic revelation that the psuedoCons in California fail to understand that we support a representational form of government, in which our represenatives at the state, local, and federal levels are not required to CAPITULATE, and ABANDON THEIR OBLIGATIONS TO GOVERN, and run off to play media circus's about 'ballot initiatives'.

But then again, I am the sort of republican who is not afraid to remind folks that, YES, Reagan ran the democrats for NIXON, as the Kommunist Toady Stooge, red left wing 'presidente' of SAG ( screen actors guild ) which we all remember was merely one more communist front organization. Or that it is not really 'poitically correct' is some psuedo-con circles to remember that the campaign against JFK was as much against his being a Papist as it was that as a democrat, that is a pseudonym for 'communist front organization'.

So gosh, when Stack Attacked Reagan, and reagan was a soviet front, then that would make Stack... But that would also make all of the radical left wingers backing Reagan, well, the SovietFrontFront, or
so that we can streamline thingies.

Now should we really be allowing SoFroFro the right to vote?

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010
10:10 pm
The warWinningWays of the Olympics.
Hum. How many folks believe that we should leave judging at the Olympics up to mere civilians and allow them to encourage terrorists to attack the world trade center again?

It can therefore ONLY be that the whole process IS about the Military Victory of our Glorious Military Victorious Forces over the evils of the mere civilian liberals at the Olympics.

Which does lead us to the minor technical problem. Since there are americans who are competing on non-american teams, isn't that like working in a military of like another country, and thus that one has not only given up one's citizenship, but that one should be shipped off to GitMo so that we are protected from them and the threat that mere civilian courts would deal with them as if they were merely still civilians in an american kinda way, rather than the sort of proto-iraqi flying saucer pilot type cyborgs!!!

Do AMERICANS want to be threatedned by Iraqi Flying Saucer Cyborgs? HUM????

Clearly not, therefore we either support TOTAL MILITARY VICTORY OVER THE OLYMPICS or the terrorists will kill the kitten!
9:43 pm
Caribou-Barbie Retard-o-rama!
Why with just a little bit of steam, in just seven days, I can make you a man....

Oh, sorry, wrong musical queue...

We are just so looking forward to the full on MSM freakfestival as the radical left and radical right wing mediaPutz opt in on the Caribou-Barbie Retard-o-rama as she attacks herself for the recent debacle of her acting like a Radical Left Wing PC-ThogPolice Drama Queen getting all whiney because some evil liberal media cartoonist was picking on retards with children who have down sydrome! Why with a little luck we can end the fabtabulous week of Caribou-Barbie Retard-o-rama as she invites herself onto her Fox News Show to talk about why it is that single mothers of unmarried girls who got pregnant by gay boys were such welfare queens that they were living on government handouts as the governator of the Socialist Red Marxianist Republik of AlaskaStania, and is it true that Downs Syndrome is GOD's Judgement on Radical left wing femiNazi's who emasculate their husbands!

So ok, ok, ok, We Get it! Caribou-Barbie is the horror of bad kabuki theatre done badly! She does a lovely job of showing up the totally decadent moral relativism of the totally failed TeaBagger Kult of massed wing nuttery.

Can we now move along and start a rational discussion about what sorts of real world positions should the republican party be addressing, as they work on being an actual political party engaged in the actual process of selecting the best available people to run the government.
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