drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

can white people ever get over being sooooo persecuted???

I am still amused at the confluence of the 'nice white people' who are fronting the Salvation Army's new War College Media Blitz, for the new "Blood And Fire" crusade against, well.... Hum....

Mean while we are dealing with when is racialist humour more appropriately funny.... Like when the RNC has the crisis of faith about their inability to make any of the psuedo conservatives, such as Cal Thomas, the source of their mirthful "Cal Thomas The Majik Negro" or was that suppose to have been "HanoiAnnie Coulter The Majik Negro, Had a Very Feminist Nose...."

You know that would be really much more funnier ....

Or is that really a part of the core problem here....

I get that while we now have always been at war with the EVILS of the Wall Street Liberals who clearly have always been bad people, that we need to rally the True Troops, and not those welfare queens who were formerly in the US Military because they could not get good jobs in the Karl Rove Armoured Flying Saucer Korp, or the Holy Crusaders against the Godless Liberalism of Wall Street....

But clearly, maybe, we should be doing MORE PATRIOTISM about keeping our white christian America AMERICAN and free from those NotReallyWhiteEnough...
Tags: generic_fear

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