drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Which War College IS God's War College?

Over at The War College the evil dr_strych9 shows that he does not understand that JESUS wants GOD's War College so that the Holy Crusaders will be HOLY and CRUSADING and ERS!!!!

unlike the evil doing evil doers, who are evil and doing, and ERS!!!

hey kids, what if some dangerous radical religious extremist clique were trying to overthrow the Constitutional Government in the USofA, so As to establish their radical extremist theocracy, you know, like the Islamo-Fascists, and their Papist, Mormonist, Zionist fellow travellors.....

I mean, gosh, don't we want the Government to protect us from these vile religious extremists who want to replace our White Christian America with some sort of Godless Unamericanism????

You know, it is what the troops are fighting for....
Tags: generic_fear, religion, ugly_thot

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