drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Must Stop THEM!!!

Hey boys and NonPerkin, did you notice, that no sooner had the whole HORROR of HanoiAnnied Coulter and her evil band of anti-war types opposed the Greatest War President EVER!!! in the classical stab the president in the back to stab the troops in the back, than there is a war in gaza as a part of the godless unbelievers way of attempting to overturn the Most GLORIOUSLY VICTORIOUS Mission Accomplished Bring Peace to The Middle East by defeating Saddam Hussein, who personally flew the first Iranian Flying Saucer, using North Korean Zel Miller Lazer Death Ray Eyes, to attack america on 09/11/2001....

It IS the sixties all over again....

What do you bet that we have the Watergate II herings as a part of this whole process of restoring the traditional family values based Sixties Nostalgia Krusade by Yippies For Dubya!!!
Tags: generic_fear

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