drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

how can wire taps be illegal?

Clearly in the age of the Holy Crusade Against the Godless Unbelievers, and their Evil Liberal Wall street red fellow travelors, how can any wire tap be illegal???

Do People REALLY want Saddam Hussesin to return in his Iranian Flying Saucer to spread Gay HomoZeXual Marriage Agendanista like he did on 9/11 imposing Capital Gains Taxes!!!

It is Just SHOCKING how horrific the fellow travellors of ObamaBinBiden have become when they are palling around with KNOWN freeMarkteeers:
A lawyer for Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich told state lawmakers Thursday that the federal wiretaps at the heart of the pay-to-play allegations against his client were illegally obtained, and therefore should be kept out of any impeachment proceedings. The wiretaps are crucial to the federal charges filed against Blagojevich last week. Prosecutors say they caught the Democratic governor discussing efforts to auction off Barack Obama's U.S. Senate seat and pressure a hospital executive for campaign donations.

Genson told the impeachment committee that it shouldn't consider any material from the wiretaps, saying the evidence was "illegally obtained."

Earlier on MSNBC, Genson said the governor maintains his innocence: "He's telling me that he's not guilty, he's telling me that he wants to fight."

[ cf Lawyer: Ill. governor wiretaps illegally obtained ]
Yes, you got it!!!

Only by Complete and Permenant Capital Gains Tax Cuts can we stop the Gay HomoZeXual Marriage Agendanista who are Palling around with ObamaBinBiden because of their evil godless belief in the Freedom Of The Free Market! Rather than accept that all prices were fixed at creation by god!!!
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