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Should The Evil Liberal Media Be Held To Standards?

Two more things stuck out at me about that exchange. First, Brewer brings up something that I've now heard half a dozen times on MSNBC by various talking heads: reporters are "taking a lot of heat" for not being aggressive enough toward Obama. Taking heat from whom?
The essential problem is that we all give the press the power to run our politics, both during campaigns and after. We applaud them when they go after those we hate and excoriate them when they go after those we like. And so does the other side. In the end, the media remain in the driver's seat, ginning up controversy and indulging their passion for worthless speculation and scandalmongering. We give them their power by not holding them to a common standard.

I'm as guilty of this as anyone, but I regret it. They are always going to be harder on Democrats than Republicans because there are corporate pressures as well as institutional and social pressures to do so. And frankly, DC Dems just don't have the killer instinct or the establishment clout to put the same kind of "pressure" on the press as the Republicans do. Until the press is reformed it remains an albatross around the neck of the American body politic.

[ cf American Albatross ]
Ok, let us poot on our Tinking Kap.

First off, the recent stories about how Obama is known to have palled around with person in IlliNois, and that currently the crisis of faith in the market place about the resale value of a Senate seat is interesting. But does it really address core american concerns about the fact that currently the nation needs a Capital Gains Tax Cut, and that this needs to be made permenant to address the issues of Gay HomoZeXual Marriage Agendanista assault on the value of traditonal family values of the strong dollar doctrines.

Clearly as long as the EVIL LIBERAL MEDIA hides their commitment to a Strong Dollar Policy, that can only come by defeating Gay HomoZeXual Marriage Agendanista with a Permenant Capital Gains Tax Cut, they are simply giving the Obama Regime a soft ball game with international terrorism as the same old same old nothing has changed in washington as the Tree Hugger In Chief passes the Baton to the new kid on the block!!!

You Know, FOR THE KIDS!!!

The Innocent KIDS!!!
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