drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Apple Deploys iArmy!!!

In light of growing AntiEmpire Rumours that the current choice for key note speaker at macWorld may signal a transition from Steve Jobs to iJobs, Apple Security Services has deployed Elite Elements of iArmy to the various provinces of Apple Empire to protect Apple from the Evils of AntiEmpire Rumours.

Everyone should remain calm, this is a peaceful and orderly transition of iEmployees to iProletariatePawns, and is viewed as a total quality commitment to a test based development, in which the Loyalty of all iProletariatePawns are tested for their Superior Commitment to the True RainBow... Where the iUnicorn lays down with the iFuzzyWuzzy, and all is happineff and bliss...

Remember think differntly in accordance with the Divine Will of iJobs.
Tags: geek_stuff, generic_fear

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