drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

SantaKon 2008 Korrrupts Moral Fibre!!!

Santacon is essentially the excuse for dozens of increasingly drunken New Yorkers to dress up as a variation on St. Nick (or any holiday-themed icon) and prance around the city, amusing and/or scaring unsuspecting tourists and citizens. The 2008 edition started off with a quick visit to the 34th Street Post Office, before swarming throughout Manhattan with holiday chaos and cheer. Santa was spotted at Macy's, Rockefeller Center, Grand Central, accosting beer trucks and investigating many bars along the way.
[ cf New York City SantaCON 2008 ]
And the photo with the article has a Darth Vadar Santa....

Think of how many INNNOCENT CHILDREN will grow up to become Gay HomoZeXual Agendanista becaue of this life scaring experience.

Can there be any doubts that we must have permenant capital gains tax cuts????

You know, to stop Gay HomoZeXual Agendanista!!!
Tags: generic_fear

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