drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Dubya to declare war on auto makers!!

The War President used the secret signal!!!
President George W. Bush said Tuesday he is "considering all options" when it comes to aiding the U.S. auto industry because doing nothing could lead to further economic decline.
[ cf Bush: Open to 'all options' for automakers]
And this time the Evil Liberals will not prevent us from Winning!!!

In related comedy, the president's work on stand up continues:
"I feel a sense of obligation to my successor to make sure there is a not a huge economic crisis. Look, we're in a crisis now. We're in a huge recession, but I don't want to make it even worse.
[ op cit ]
Hum... now that's funny....

I mean, it's not like any of the president's policies, including the failure of the SEC to do it's job, were in any way a bad thing...
Tags: generic_fear

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