drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Fed Frees The Free Trade In Free Markets!!!

Yes boys and NonPerKin, the fed cut by 75 bips!!! which means that bernanke is more Japanese than Greenspan, and we can now see the glorious wonders of the Happier World of Most Brilliant Military Victories over the Unbelievers and their Evil Liberal Wall Street Red Followers!!!

Would this be a bad time to be reading krugman's "The Age of Diminished Expectations", what must be the 2nd edition,not the third.... so that one can get that whole 90's thing on...

I mean, clearly reading that other book by him about depression economics was, well, just clearly not at all useful, because it failed to reference Gay HomoZeXual Marriages as a leading cause of all things dark and evil.

So clearly now the Supply Side of the ReFi industry will allow for the glorious growth of the growing growingNeff....

Or is a part of the problem that we are still stuck with 'productivity' as a useless metric, and that it is getting closer and closer to trying to majikally implement that Star Trek Economics... in lieu of say, well, trying the tried and true, a Global War, and this time, why not against the Gay HomoZeXual Zombie Marriage Agendanista!!!

I mean there are some great subsidiary rights for marketting the correct type of merchandizing....
Tags: bad_books, economics, generic_fear

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