drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why Miers is a great choice!

The crirtical word that my Evil Liberal Friends need to remember:

Generalissimo Pinochet

When Evil Liberal Communist Fellow Travelors allowed Chile to fall to the Chilean People, there was a slow and steady progression by the evil black robed tyrants that would ultimately lead to allowing Evil Liberal Prosecutors to Prosecute Generalissimo Pinochet for things related to his efforts to Rescue Chile from the evil threat of it falling into the hands of the Chilean People.

So it is clearly prudent to have someone on the American Supreme Court who understands the Importance of Loyalty!!!

Someone who will prevent any evil liberal politically motivated persecution of a Commander In Chief for any actions done while in a time of deferring the tax burden onto the unborn. Not that anyone would ever suggest that any american Commander In Chief might in any way be involved in getting thousands killed for strictly domestic political purposes, nor that they might reposition millions of dollars into more profitable portfolio's than those of the tax payers, there is always the chance that some Evil Liberal with an ax to grind might want to embark upon such evil doing liberalism.

So clearly Miers steadfast loyalty to the Greatest Military Leader EVER!!! makes her a great choice to make sure that evil liberals will never be allowed to persecute the decent people who were doing their part to Protect America from falling into the hands of American People.

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