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People Who JUST do not understand Gay HomoZeXual Marriages Impact on CRA

What can you say about an Op-Ed whose very first sentence is a giant pile of steaming bullshit? That statement is demonstrably false. As the prior post on foreclosures shows, the concentration is mostly middle class and upper middle class white suburban neighborhoods. California leads the nation in foreclosures. The state’s foreclosure activity was up 51% from a year ago. These are not CRA communities, they are what were hoped to be surburban bedroom communities east of the major cities (San Diego and L.A.) Next up is Florida; The state’s foreclosure activity was still up 68 percent from November 2007. The enormous overbuilding of Condos, and not CRA, is to blame. These weren’t inner city loans to minorities, as Dan Gross pointed out, they were “WCI Communities — builder of highly amenitized condos in Florida (no subprime purchasers welcome there)” WCI filed for bankruptcy in August. “Very few of the tens of thousands of now-surplus condominiums in Miami were conceived to be marketed to subprime borrowers, or minorities—unless you count rich Venezuelans and Colombians as minorities.”...
[ cf New York Times Crashed-and-Burned Watch (CRA Edition) ]
Ok, yes, yes, yes... it would be nice if folks were not as confused about how Venexuelan and Columbina Drug Lords are not really Gay...

But, let us ask ourselves - clearly IF Gay HomoZeXual Marriages were not pushing, well, those types into the market, then, there would have been the sort of folks who would be buying into the sorts of places, where they would be real SubPrime, based upon teh CRA gambitting, and not crushed under the repression of Gay HomoZeXual Marriages.

You see, when one factors in teh Factuals that would be factual, if they were fact laden, then the TruthiNeffe is Truthier!!!

Thus proving that only by a Permenant Capital Gains Tax Cut can we free ourselves from the evils of Gay HomoZeXual Marriages pushing nice folks into the Middle Class where they are no longer eligible to be blamed for being the driving influence of sub prime mortguages.

AND it would put the MASS back in "christ mass"... even if it would be a fiscal fiasco, what with not having a year in blow out....
Tags: economics, generic_fear

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