drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

They Hate Guacamole More Than YOU!!!

And YOU should feel ashamed!
...is, according to Robert Samuelson, the mighty Center for Budget and Policy Priorities. It warps American public policy by successfully lobbying for policies that take the wealth of the deserving rich and give it to the middle class and the poor.

Robert Samuelson:
We here in Washington are anticipating a stampede of lobbyists, influence peddlers, media consultants, paid "experts" and self-styled crusaders. Who brought us this onslaught of special pleaders? Why, it's Barack Obama, the man who vowed to "change" how Washington works and banish from the political arena all those "special interests" that were depicted as a form of low-life devoid of all respectability.... The more powerful government becomes, the more lobbying there will be.... Obama's ambitions for more expansive government will promote special pleading.... Lobbyists have a bad rap.... Myth number one is that lobbying is anti-democratic, because it frustrates "the will of the people." Just the opposite is true: lobbying is an expression of democracy. We are a collection of special interests.... A second myth is that lobbying favors the wealthy... the facts contradict that. Sure, the wealthy extract privileges from government, but mainly they're its servants.... As for the poor and middle class, they do have powerful advocates. To name three: AARP for retirees and near retirees; the AFL-CIO for unionized workers; the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities for the poor...
Why oh why can't we have a better press corps?

Close down Newsweek. Close it down yesterday. Close down the Washington Post. Close it down ten years ago. Sow the furrows with salt. Each day that they dirty more paper with their garbage is an offense against Nature and Nature's God!

[ cf Our New Ruling Class... (emphasis added to help the deaf smell the methane) ]
But he forgot to mention:
Class Warfare By Radical Leftists against the True Ruling Elite
Permenant Capital Gains Tax Cuts
The HORROR of Gay HomoZeXual Marriage Agendanista!
to mention a few specific HORRORS that clearly must be addressed in the ongoing horror of horrors..

Remember, you are either doing your part to stop THEM!!!

Or the Terrorsits WIN!
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