drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Fun with the deflationary Spiral Of DOOM!!!!

Ok, so I have been explaining to madmerle, one of the critical questions when shopping is whether or not one wants to pay the "opening day premium". On some things, yes. The Return of Depression Economics and the Crisis of 2008 by paul krugman, that I am willing to pay the freight at the local Books Inc., so that I support local biznezz, and get the big hard back edition. His The Conscience of a Liberal, that I am willing to wait for it to come out in paperback and pick up a copy at Leigh’s Favorite Books when it comes out in Paper Back, on or about January 12th, 2009.

The same is equally true of such Kultur Kampf as The Da Vin ci Kode - which finally showed up at a reasonable enough price for the collectors special edition two disk set. IT was not something that I needed to see as a part of the flow of history. There were clearly OTHER ISSUES on the table that were about the HORRORS of the ThingusOfPooh at the time that were both more socially relevant, and Marked To Market.

Granted, I was SOOOOO Depressed that War, Inc. did not do a stroll through the Cinema, and that I would be more Market Focus'd than to pay the additonal costs for it when it did come out on DVD, and would wait for it to arrive at a More Market Oriented Price....

Ah yes, the downward spiral of the deflationary pressures... I mean, why should I be paying "white people from the burbs pricing?" Do I look like one of them???? Granted, it is a BIT FREIGHTENING when the hot new trendo matic model is that all of the RICH WHITE PEOPLE FROM THE BURBS start shopping with a Deflationary Spiral in their Big Bag of God Hating America Bashing....

I mean! HELLO!!! when the white flight is from itself... where are the normal people suppose to go???

I have two basic discretionary spending extraveganza - Books and DVD's. Right now my backlog of books to read is getting TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL!!! and I may have to officially hire professional readers to get me a summary of them.... or take one of those evilean woodie spad rading korses.

On the floor in front of the Holy Shrine of VideoDrome, I have a backlog of DVD's that are yearning to be viewed. I even found that I had bought that other set from the A&E folks, with it's cultural stuff...

So if I stop buying, because I just do not have the time to be the DEMAND SIDE PRESSURE!!!! Will that mean that the Supply Side folks will be able to take up the economic slack by making more??? Will all of those "new day in America" types be able to just wave their Ideological Wands of MiltonFriedmanesque Laffer Curve, and suddenly there will be the sort of excesss supply of demand as to keep the employment in place???? So that the ideological WONKS will be able to Pimp their Ideology at mark to model mechanical madness????

HUM.... what if we do not need to appeal to the Washington D.C. Baby Sitting Ko-Op, and Krugman does? to see how the real forms of deflationary pressures are brought to bear upon an economy????

What if it is really time for folks to work out which is their dogma...
Tags: bad_books, economics, generic_fear

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