drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

old friends from facebook land...

I said:
In what way??? I accept the Divinity of Dubya as Mandated By the Divine Comedy, and accpet that this would also allow for a Clearer Insight into a Post Dilbertianesque software development process based upon a more Elightened Flowing of John Waters....
UnNamedGodlessHeathen said:
"That whole sentence screams west coast. You put too much effort and thought into it. Chill. relax, drink a beer, read your Bible, watch some American Idle, go to the mall and buy something and let something else do the thinking, like all of us in flyover land."
Scary isn't it....

and to be totally correct:
I was Studying Diligently In The Library
which is why I can advocate TOTAL Permenant Capital Gains Tax Cuts to prevent Gay HomoZexual Marriages...
Tags: generic_fear

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