drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

That Honor Code Issue

For many who do not understand that Torture Is Not Good, there are other things they may need to work on.

It would be easier to believe Sen. Warner's assertion that there are some photographs of some place where there were weapons. But how do we get from the assertion to the belief that the Senator is talking about The Same Mosque Crisis?

Mean while we are also suppose to believe:
The United States says it wants to hand security over to Iraqi forces as quickly as feasible, allowing it to address popular domestic pressure to bring troops home.

But elements of the Shi'ite-dominated administration have been accused of backing anti-Sunni militias, eroding people's faith in the authorities to protect them.

"Handing over security to formations accused of being sectarian and biased is not a good idea," says Naimi. "The Americans will never tolerate such a thing."

[ cf Trust exposed in Baghdad raid ]
I think we can understand why there are 'trust' issues in Iraq.

But what about in America? Why exactly ARE USN JAG's obliged to note that the Bill of Rights is not there to simply protect americans from the american government?

What if the on going collection of Breaches of the Honor Code, starting from Flag Rank Betrayals on down, have also eroded any sense that the US Military Will Protect Americans From State Sponsored Terrorism. Since the DOD and the Military is losing the appearance of being truly a National Military Service as outlined in the US Constitution. Rather it is now merely the Armed Marketting Wing Of The GOP; which is really cool for those Fund Raising Moments when they look ever so spiffy in those Traditional Dress Military Uniforms.

And on top of that fiasco, we must live with the eroded level of confidence here at home the Military WILL be used as the tool of repression, in the name of the President's Majik Powers 'during a time of war', because, well can anyone say "Katrina" and our learning curve about how pathetically incompetent the Department of homeland security has been at becoming the Directorate of State Security, or The Commissariate Of State Security, or the People's Protectorate Services...

What IF Honor Code Issues were not merely a passing anachronism, but something that the NeoConClownCarCrew needs to worry about in the light of day.

Or worse yet, the erosion of that Honor Code should be grabbing every Mother's Son where their short hairs attach as they work out how exactly will they get to a liberated zone beyond the controrl of the war lords.

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