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God Hating Terrorists Liberals Seek To Impose Law As Lawful!

In a unanimous decision watched closely worldwide, California's air-quality regulators yesterday adopted the nation's first comprehensive plan of attack to curb global warming.
Yesterday's groundbreaking action positions California to influence a new national global warming strategy once President-elect Barack Obama begins crafting his environmental initiatives.

“This is an example of what can and should be done,” said Mary Nichols, state air board chairwoman.

Board member Daniel Sperling said, “Everyone across the country – and around the world – is looking to us to blaze this path.”

[ cf State board blazes trail with plan on emissions ]
While communist Propoganda notes:
</i>The law spearheaded by Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was the first in the country to set carbon targets. The federal government still has no firm plan.

"(The plan) provides a road map for the rest of the nation to follow," Schwarzenegger said in a statement. Democratic President-elect Barack Obama has promised to make climate change a priority when he takes office on January 20.</i>
[ cf California moves on global warming ]
Thus proving that Communist Dominated Reds, such as the EVIL Kennedy Toy Boy are Evil and bad, and trying to undermine our white christian america with their radical extremism.

Yes, I understand, for many folks they forget that Komrade Evil Radical Left Wing Extremists Schwarzenegger was not always the Criminally Treasonous Symbol of the Failed radical left wing draft doding extremism of the Eco Terrorism of the Tree Hugger In Chief, and the other failed elements of the Bush Administration, but, well, these are the times after those times, and clearly the whole world changed after the whole world changed on 9.11 and now it is more important to be on the Righter Right Side of all of these things, and only supporting the Right Types Of Right Things, while all of the rest of them are clearly WRONG!!! since if they are not Right, they must be wrong!!!

Given that the so called Air Quality Board is trying to implement some law that was passed by some now radical left wing extremist governor, who can argue that he is no longer Right, and thus is Wrong.

Thus we also see that since the idea of supporting the Law is now a Left Wing Idea, it too is Wrong!!!

Thus making clear that the only important war winning strategy will be to Permenantly Cut Capital Gains Tax to stop Gay HomoZeXual Marriages which are clearly confusing folks about which rights are righter....

I mean, would anyone have voted for Harvey Milk if they knew he had been divorced from his lover????

HUM???? Think about that one....
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