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EVIL LIBERAL MEDIA covers up Persecutions of Christians.

hey boys and NonPerKin, notice that while the Evil Liberal Media is willing to sell the idea that they are MERELY PERSECUTING one Governor of the State of Illinoise, that this MASSIVE VIDICTIVE BRUTAL SAVAGING of the Free Trade In Free Markets is some sort of Moral Majik that should Majikally be viewed as exterior to the Invisible Foote Of The Market.

But if they are willing to CRUSH the free trade in Senate Seats, because they Hate the Invisible Foote Of The Market, then WHAT will protect White CHRISTIAN America when they come to put them all in the Death Camps of Godless Liberalism!!!

Thus clearly we MUST have the Complete, and Permenant, Capital Gains Tax Cuts, to prevent Gay HomoZeXual Marriages, which are the clear and compelling cause of Persecution of White Christian America, that must obviously be behind the VICIOUS and brutal Excess Governmental Regulation of the Free Market in Senate Seats!!!
Ok, let us step back and review this, so that we can decide which is the real issue that clearly compelling problem here.

The moment that we assert that there is a clear and compelling reason why senate seats should NOT be open to the wonderful world of Disney MarketFundamentalism, we have, of course, done the bad nasty of creating some space that is exterior to MarketFundamentalism. Which may be a hard thing for many true believers in MarketFundamentalism, and all of the glorious MarketTriumphalism that goes with it.

So while this can lead many MarketFundamentalist, to the NeoEcon moral equivolent, of the TheoCon moment, where their loss of faith in GOD, leads them to Mass Murdering, in Economics, this is about starting the stampede that becomes the self fulfilling prophecy of the PANIC! ( cf Panic of 1893 ) Even if that is merely a religious loss of faith in religous dogma about economics, rather than a rational consequence of one's religous dogma about economics.

A part of the fun here is the play with idea - since, we have seen all sorts of excuses about why this or that piece of MarketFundamentalism must be preserved, or the Demon Spawn of Hell, will rise up from the burning sulphour pits of Cleveland, and well, Make Gay HomoZeXual Marriages... since as we all know, Gay HomoZeXual Marriages are the most obvious manifestation of the Demon Spawn of Hell, that of course rise up out of the Burning Sulphour pits of Cleveland, and most of them come to the Castro in SF, but a nerdy group of them wind up cruising the Castro In Mountain View for GeekGirl, whom, as we all know are merely gay men in women's Bodies, used by the Evil Forces of Darkness to do Really SCARY THINGS!!!

No Really, why shouldn't Gay Marriages be the logical causative and cause of failing to keep faith with the correct forms of MarketFundamentalism??? I mean 'Gay Marriages' scares those who are most aligned with MarketFundamentalism, while it is mostly a non-issue for folks who were not drinking the kool-aid of MarketFundamentalism.

In Like manner, given that Tax Cuts IS THE Dalek chant of those folks who find it the veritable solution to all problems! As the joke keeps going:
Permenant Capital Gains Tax Cuts!
Yes, that is the answer, but what was the question again?
So why not keep that in the moral purity loop as well???

Now let us put our thinking cap on.

What would a system be like that could massively interfere in the free trade in Senate Seats, but allow for other parts of the Market to be ruled more or less, within the designs of a 'free-ish' market system???

What if we called this an "Open Market" system? A System where some of the 'freedom' is constrained with the intention is to improve the openness about what is and what is not actually in play, under so called market forces.

Granted, this would allow for various types of applicable regulation to occur, and, one of them would be the obvious retreat backwards into factualism....

Given that Obama is now calling on the Illinois Governor to resign, well... There you have it! The Great Anti-Christ has spoken, and clearly anyone who would follow his position must be committing a Mortal Sin, and will obviously be evil....

Or should we drop the Obama as Anti-Christ theme as a part of the Horrors of Post-Surrealism?

Ooooh that could be even MORE scarier than the whole Gay HomoZeXual Marriage thing....
Tags: economics, generic_fear, war

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