drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Remind Me AGAIN, about the adult main stream world?

Blackbird is a new browser built on top of Mozilla technology that is supposed to make it easier for African Americans to discover relevant content on the web and to interact with other members of the African American community online by sharing stories, news, comments and videos via the browser.
[ cf Blackbird Is A Custom Browser For African Americans Built On Top Of Mozilla ]

Oh I mean, that is SOOOOOO Clearly the Clarion Call for a Permenant Capital Gains Tax Cut to protect us from Gay HomoZeXual Marriages, that are providing under group specific web browser malaise....

I mean what Next????

That the Gay HomoZeXual Marriage Radical Left Wing Extremists will try to Ghettoize White Christian America into a small corner of their postE_Harmony Internet where they have burned down all of the Moral Fibre and forced people to web Surf the Moral Degeneracy of the Radical Left Wing Extremist Wall Street Liberalism, and their Anything Goes Deregulation of All Things!!!

{ remember boys and NonPerKin, Harvey Milk was a Republican Businessman when he moved to the Castro... }
Tags: generic_fear

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