drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Dances with Immigration Issues

One of My Left Wing America Hating Evil Liberal Friend asked me:
As a life-long-Republican, inside the minds of those "in the know",
kindly explain the following utterance by your brethren:
"The Republicans are not like the Rockettes on the issue of immigration."
- U.S. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner
Which of course is painfully obvious to everyone else, I Mean Like Duh.
"This is only going to get Uglier..."
-- former Senator and Actor Fred Dalton Thompson
-- Movie: The Hunt For Red Oktober
you see some of the Republicans can read and right, and are looking at this matter from the fair trade traditional models,
and hence are not at all sure why the faggot assed nancy boys want to both dress up as Rockettes, so that they can do their Nationalist Front Goose Stepping in public....

It could be that the Victims Of Chicken Hawk Angst are hoping that this time someone in the government will take their little emotional anxieties all serious, or otherwise they are going to just keep on dressing up like the Rockettes and High Kicking For Kultur!!!!

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