drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why Not Victory Brand Automobiles???

Hey, we could have it all in one!!!
President George W. Bush said today it's "important" that Congress do something to help Detroit's automakers but offered no indication that he would give in to suggestion he authorize a portion of the $700-billion Wall Street bailout for that purpose.
[ cf Bush stresses importance of auto rescue ]
Why there it is....

We can nationalize the Automoblie industyr, and make them VICTORY BRAND CARS!!! With the simpler slogan:
Do YOU Support Victory???
Or are YOU backing Terrorisms
Yes, we could then have Victory Brand Bonds, and Victory Brand Mutual Funds, and Victory Brand Insurance.....

Why it would be the Great and Glorious Victory of International Nationalized Global Society Of Christians!!!

INGSOC! because our War President KNOWS what the International Nationalized Global Society Of Christians really want!!! And only a War President has the Special Majikal Powers Act to make it Majikal!!!

Which is a Permenant Capital Gains Tax Cut to stop Gay HomoZeXual Marriages from driving anything BUT Victory Brand Cars!!!
Tags: generic_fear

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