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And The Persecutions Begin!!!

A solstice display put up by the Freedom From Religion Foundation is missing from the state Capitol this morning amid criticism from Christians who dislike its message that calls religion a myth and superstition.
The Legislative Building also has a 30-foot holiday tree in the Rotunda, a Nativity set in the 3rd floor hall near the atheists’ missing display, and a hand-lettered sign calling atheists fools.

The displays have caused a flood of calls to the Governor’s Office since a Tuesday report by a national FOX News commentator who urged complaints to Gov. Chris Gregoire for allowing the Nativity set and solstice placard in close proximity, about 20 feet apart.

[ cf UPDATED: Atheists' solstice sign appears stolen from Capitol ]
Well, that clearly PROVES that Obama is the Anti-Christ and will only allow people to worship him, and him alone!!!

Those SICK AND DISGUSTING LIBERALS and their evil persecution of Everyone....

Wait For IT!

And thus why we clearly need a a permenant capital gains tax cut to stop Gay HomoZeXual Marraiges which clearly cause people to embark upon religious persecutions.

{ for our slow readers, this is clearly the evil of Obamanism, because Fox News is covering the Issue, and there can only be one Fair And Balanced Position, namely that Obaman is the AntiChrist, and that therefore we MUST have a permenant capital gains tax cut to stop Gay HomoZeXual Marriages, which of course is the Most Fairest and Balanced Analysis that can ever be!!! }
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