drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Brief Social Whine..

I was so suprised at how effective Owning a Op. Yellow Elephant Bingo Messenger Bag would so improve my social life, like nothing ever before!!!!

So I should have planned ahead that the weekend that "V for Vendetta" would be Actively Boycotted By ALL TRUE PATRIOTIC AMERICANS I would be bombarded by tawdry temptresses and cheese eating Kapitulationist Appeasers!!!

Needless to say we got to our Patriotic Duty, Wearing our Op. Yellow Elephant Bingo Messenger Bag just in case there were Those Who REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to be more patriotically corrector than thou, but were not sure if that would deprive them of their chances to grow up and become the Next Karl Rove, or Tom DeLay!!! I am pleased to inform you that our Close Order Boycott and Blockcade of the Evil "V for Vendetta" simply underscored that evereyone who was there, who was not on the Side of Jesus's General, were clearly all the sort of Bush Haters who Hate Bush and are against our American Way of Life, and not at all interested in Joining the US Military so that they could be a part of the Greatest Adventure In Their Generation!!! While those of us who were More Patriotically Corrector Than Thou were not in any way contaminated or infested by the Evil Viral Contamination that "v for vendetta" would be upon those of Less Patriotically Corrector Than Thou Ways, since we of course brought our Op. Yellow Elephant Bingo Messenger Bag which protected us from such dark and sinister Evil!!!

Knowing that there is no need to share with anyone any sort of Spoilers, as No One Would go and see the movie, save that they too were on Close Order Boycott and Blockcade of the Evil "V for Vendetta", complete with their Op. Yellow Elephant Bingo Messenger Bag to protect them. I will not worry about Sharing Any Spoilers.

The Movie is a not so veiled threat against our American Way of Life by people who do not support God's Divine Plan for our country, and therefore HATE AMERICA because they are all Ferrign Devils who are Ferrigners and Devils!!! IT should be remembered that the female lead in this movie was the Plant Carrier in Leon so once again she shadow walks her way through dealing with a professional killer who decides to befriend her, since she seems to be all alone in the World, and, well, once again she is wandering around from place to place carrying a Potted Plalnt, except in this instance it is that collection of Bush Haters in the Audience who have come to take part in the rituralized hatred of america espoused by america haters...

I mean why can't they make more uplifting and Patriotically Corrector Than Thou films like "The Passion of The Christ Meets Starship Troopers To Defeat Broke Back Mountain and rescue the Children of South Park!"

Wouldn't YOU Pay Real Live God Fearing Quatloons to see that and not merely the Actual Real Imaginary Currency that is required by the Vast Evil Liberal Monolithic Red Hollywood Elites!!!

Other than that, the rest of the week end was the usual Whining And Dining on the Rotting Flesh of bleeding heart wimp liberals who had ideologically fallen down, and were not able to get up, nor send out messages to their leftist leaning fellow travellors that they had become the QuayZine of Choice of persons FAR MORE Patriotically Corrector than Thou, than they could ever hope to be... At which point the expected Ennui Settles in. I mean how many bleeding heart wimp liberals can one suck dry of their low cholesterol bloood like substitute fluids before you really start to get that nagging angst ridden fear:
You don't think this process of draining all of the blood like fluid out of bleeding heart wimp liberals makes my Butt Look Fat, now do you?
So we went shopping just in case, I mean you can never have tooo many That almost makes you look like a member of the mainstream. fashion fiasco's in your wardrobe. And besides, it really is cheaper than trying to get the blood stains out of a feeding frenzy kind of weekend. I mean don't YOU just hate those
Woke up this morning with blood and body parts all splattered everywhere.
And Not a SINGLE Intellectual Property Attorney To Be Found. Since, if you have one of those arounds, all the rest of it can be written off as a business expense.
kind of weekends where the whole thing just sort of went past you in one long screaming blood splattered artistically done Montage of Horror And Gloom, coupled with the naggging Tax Angst that you might not be able to write it all off...

Why if only someone would have told me Owning a Op. Yellow Elephant Bingo Messenger Bag would so improve my social life this way, I would have been willing to support this process sooner!!!

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