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Why We MUST Defeat THEM!!! The Evil Ones...

Dear America's Conservative News Reader,

The financial and political situation is getting extremely dangerous. So we've made a special arrangement with Lee Bellinger, Publisher of Independent Living, to get this absolutely critical briefing into your hands. Time may be running out to protect yourself.

Thank you,
America's Conservative News

National bankruptcy and financial chaos are here. The politicians are rolling out a draconian emergency response which will loot your assets and seriously undermine your freedom...

Dear Fellow Concerned American:

We are in the early stages of a financial implosion of the American Dream on a scale that truly dwarfs the gas shock and out-of-control inflation of the 70s...

...the Savings and Loan failures of the 80s and 90s...

...or any other financial crisis our nation has faced since the Great Depression itself!

Many Americans are becoming paralyzed by fear -- or simply don't have the slightest idea of even the most basic ways to protect their assets and their way of life from the unfolding chaos and its lasting after-effects.
( email from Newsdesk@conservativeamerica-online-info.com ; subject: Depression Dead Ahead: Are You Ready? )

Horrrore! Horrrore!

Who can argue against a Permenant Capital Gains Tax Cut to Stop the Gay HomoZeXual Marraige Initiative that has so clearly underminded the Banking Industry....
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