drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Speaking of owing an Allegiance to Ferrign Devils...

Traditionalist Anglicans are to formally announce that they are setting up a new church in the US and Canada.
They have instead formed a range of new alliances, often with Churches in Africa.
But doubts remain as to whether or how it will be recognised by the wider Anglican Communion.

[ cf North American Anglicans to split ]

And while our troops on the eastern front are valiantly defeating the evils of Liberal Wall Street!!!

How SHOULD americans respond to persons who wish to owe an allegiance to ferrign devils from overseas??? Should they be forced to register as resident alien agents??? Should they be required to wear a big RED A so that we know that they are Registered Alien Agents????

And can there be any doubt that clearly we must NOT have a Permenant Capital Gains Tax Cut, to protect us from Gay HomoZeXual Marriages, and the Resident Alien Agents they cause???
Tags: generic_fear, religion

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