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Cluster Bombs fall out of fashion!

Representatives of some 100 countries gather in Oslo City Hall for the signing conference of a treaty banning cluster bombs, 03 Dec 2008
Representatives of more than 100 countries are in Oslo, Norway Wednesday to sign a treaty banning cluster bombs.

Norway, which has led efforts to ban cluster bombs, was the first to sign the Convention on Cluster Munitions, which bans the use, production, and sale of the weapons.
The United States, China, India, Israel, Pakistan and Russia are among countries refusing to sign the cluster bomb ban.
The U.S. State Department Tuesday said outlawing the bombs would put the lives of American troops and their coalition partners at risk.
U.S. officials say the weapons are still useful, but that the Pentagon plans to phase out using current cluster bomb technology by 2018.

The State Department says it is concerned about the dangers unexploded bombs pose to civilians and says Washington has spent more than one billion dollars cleaning them up.

[ cf More Than 100 Countries Sign Cluster Bomb Ban ]
It should be noted that US Officials who are LEAKING that the DOD plans to WIN against the State Department, are clearly in violation of the State Sekret Act, that criminalizes the illegal distribution of information about the internal warfare between various factions of the government.

Or Alternatively, this makes clear that the State Department position is currently supporting the DOD's Plan to stab the troops in the back in 2018....

ALL of which is the clarion cry of freedom calling forth for a Permenant Capital Gains Tax Cut to Free Free People From the Free Trade In the Free Markets for Gay HomoZeXual Marriages....
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