drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

That Manufacturing Consent Crisis - The Illegals Problem

Everyone agrees there is a problem, but there is little consensus on the answer, and various proposals are vying for attention.
[ cf Bush Calls for Comprehensive Immigration Reform (VOA) ]
I hate to speak scary stuff, but what if most folks do not actually BELIEVE that

the problem of Illegal Immigrants ranks anywhere near the growing threat of Actual Real Imaginary Weapons Systems falling into the Hands of Actual Real Imaginary Monsters, or Terrorists, or liberals, or persons who can read and write gooder without having to sound out all of the vowels.

Wouldn't it be a whole lot easier to get consensus on the "criminalizing crime" approach here, if well, gosh the Victims of Chicken Hawk Angst were not running around clucking their little heads of that it is ok to break the law, as long as one can blame Jesus or Congress, which ever comes first. As I pointed out to my manager, when he noted this silly;
"americans would clearly feel less stressed if those Illegal Immigrants Coming Over the Border From Mexico were not taking all of those High Paying Jobs In High Technology and running up the real estate property values..."
Oh My Bad. Those Illegal Immigrants are not the one that the Nationalists Movement is trying to paint as the Job Stealing Price Devaluing Ones who got the Good Jobs, while, uh... which joke are we suppose to be using here,
The Government Was Giving away All Of the Good Billets To The Minorities."
-- Tom Delay and Dandy Dan Qualye ( whining about why they did not
get a chance to win the war in vietnam...

Those Immigrants who are here and destroying our White Christian American Culture Are Bad For Our Cultural Legacy."
-- Whiners who are still dealing with the Irish Immigration"

Why If The Evil Liberals hadn't given all of those Sports Scholarships to Minorities, then Some Americans could have gone to engineering and Science and Technology, and mathematical colleges, so as to be a part of the leading edge of the technologically innovating world, including the Internet and Stem Cell Research.

But of Course the Liberals Let all of those Minorities and illegal immigrants take away the billets there, which is why those Illegal Immigrants Must Be Stopped! Becaue, well, they are not our type of People!!! Especially the ones that have actually DIED in the American Armed Forces....

-- Whiners who wished they had spent some time getting in on the ground floor of the technology revolution rather than defending merely Ideologocial Purity for the NeoCon and NeoTrad Movements.

Only By Maintaining The Purity Of Our Protestant Ethic can we be protected from the Evil Liberal Papist Extremism of Sen. Kerry and His America Hating Roman Catholic Types who have always been bent upon the Destruction of Our White Chritian America!!!!!
-- Really Patriotic Americans who are still unsure about JFK's Involvement In Stabbing Our Valiant fighting forces in the Back by unleashing vicious radical leftist papist assaults.

Ah yes, now which really is the Manufactured Crisis here that will be the better paying Manufactured Crisis that will retain it's value over the coming seasons?

Or should we just start whining about Hitlary and How RadFemiNazi's have been bolstered by all of those Illegal Immigrants taking away the high paying jobs in Manufacturing consent...

Or Why Oh WHY can't we get these things done in their Original German where they are so much better!!!! Glorious Maximal Leader understands the need for GastArbieter who will be able to free up True Arayan's For the Battle Front!!! Now More than Ever It is ALL Patriotic American's DUTY to Support the Body Politic from the Infestation of anti-americanism in any of it's form!!! So that we can Release the True Arayans from the Economy to Embark Upon Cleansing the Boyd Politic of the Evil Investations!!!!

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