drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

When GOOOD Bail Outs Go Bad....

Hey kids, how many times have we had to remind folks, that if they take the Bail Out out of the refrigerator, that they have to make sure that they put it back, OR IT WILL GO BAD!!!

Well TPM is having way too much fun with this, so you can start with GAO Report: Now It's Your Turn and just previous your way through a series of reallly comical moments....

Or you might review say Shock Doctrine and ask yourself,
Hey, If I were a member of a failing regime, that is collapsing under the weight of GODLESS DEMOCRACY, where the heathen peons want to take away the Power from those who won the Dirty War against Unbelievers, what would I be doing about making sure that my friends were taken care of, and to help cripple an incoming democratic regime, so as to avoid criminal prosecution for what my regime did during the dirty war on democracy?
or would that not be as funny as say:
We MUST HAVE Permenant Capital Gains Tax Cuts!!!
You know, to Stop Gay HomoZeXual Marrriages
If you know what I mean....
Tags: economics

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