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Another Typical Case of Evil Liberals Destroying the Free Trade In Free Markets.

So one of my Evil Liberals, who has been radically advocating:
Support the President Elect,
To Support The Troops Elect
brought to my attention one more TYPICAL case of the God Hating, America Bashing, Radical Judicial Activists On The Bench Legislating Judicially MORE Brutally And Repressive Governmental regulation in the Free Trade in the Free Market.

The basics are:
The U.S. Supreme Court rejected appeals Tuesday from two alleged members of a violent San Francisco gang whose lawyers want to learn the names of prosecution witnesses before their upcoming death penalty trial.

The justices, without comment, denied review of an appeals court ruling in January allowing prosecutors to withhold the witnesses' names until trial, scheduled for November 2008.

The defendants were among 12 people indicted by a federal grand jury in October 2005 as alleged members of the Down Below Gang, which police say has terrorized the Sunnydale public housing complex in Visitacion Valley since the late 1990s. Prosecutors say the defendants dealt drugs, toted guns and murdered seven people, including a 7-week-old baby.

[ cf Reputed gang members lose court appeal to learn witnesses names ]
We will of course skip over the question as to why these folks were not simply shipped off to GitMo as clearly some sort of Special Al-Qaeda Cell engaged in anti-state activities. But it could be that as Free Lance Entrepreneurs, that they were just not sufficiently radically left wing enough for that obvious classification.

For those of you playing along at home, you might want to do the background reading Case o' The Week: Unwelcome FORTIFICATION of Rule 16 Discovery, U.S. v. Fort.

Now let us think about this folks. WOULD the Supreme's Impede the Free Trade in Free Markets as to which are the correct implementation of the Military, or Para-Military, personnel who are engaged in combat operations, at home or abroad? Clearly most folks would say no. Because to do so would limit the opportunities that the CIC has to win which ever is the WhateverOnWhomever that he feels needs to be addressed that day.

In like manner, we know that the US Congress has passed the Sgt Schultz statutes, that holds blameless, anyone who believes that they were following a lawful order from the CIC, whether real, or imaginary. Since clearly,
I was only following Orders!
I Know Nothing!!!
Establishes that the person has in fact been lawfully committed to loyalty above and beyond the mere call of duty, or even sanity.

As such, anyone who believes, for what ever reason, that their COMBAT OPERATION was mandated by the CIC, was clearly engaged in which ever is the WhateverOnWhomever, that the seated CIC meant to have occurred, whether real or imaginary.

At this point we should ask why it is that the US Supreme Court would want to interfere in the Free Trade in THE FREE MARKET, which may or may not, include combat related activities by Private Firms, who may or may not have been actively engaged in supporting the Orders of the President, Real or Imaginary.

Clearly, when Persons who are being persecuted by the Radical Extremists Leftist Leaning Nancy PelosiIsms with so called alledged "capital crimes" for such things as alledged "drive by shootings", which could well be pre-emptive military grade strikes sponsored by free trade in free markets who are hearing the Market Demand which would be the orders of the President, but are actually not being asserted by the president directly, but clearly by the invisible foot of the Free Market!!! We have to wonder about the patriotism of those who are not willing to obey the lawful and mandatory orders of the president, whether real or imaginary, since whether or not the Imaginary Foot of the Free Market exists is not a required component!!!

Hence, we arrive at the clear and compelling case that the US Supreme Court has engaged in the Repression of the Free Trade in Free Markets on the EVIL REPRESSION of those who are listening to the Call of the Wild from the Imaginary Foot of the Free Trade In Free Markets!!!

I mean, how much clearer can a thing be???

Clearly if the Free Market is to Be FREE!!! Then we can not have the abusive governmental distortions as the US Supreme Court wishes to impose upon a Peace Loving Free Trade In Free Markets!!!
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