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We're Holding Which Position Again?

Conservative Christians, who form a significant part of Bush's political base, have pressed the administration to win freedom for Rahman and sought to turn the case into a test of the merits of Bush's policies overseas.
[ cf LaLaTimes ]

Being one of those odd questions that comes to mind as a safe exit for the NeoCons And thei NeoTrad fellow travellors who remain fundamentally frightened by Operation Yellow Elephant and keep hoping that someone in the state Security Apparatus should stop those terrorists because, well they scare NeoCons and NeoTrads.

O for those keeping track, should we be concerned that Scalia is out Selling his position on GitMo, when he should be aware that the case is coming his way? So when the Jurist refers to it as Scalia remarks spark furor as high court prepares to hear military tribunals case should we be concerned? Or should we support his efforts to find an exit strategy? Since he will be able to recuse himself from the ruling, and therefore hope that at some future time his involvement in the Culture Of Corruption will not lead to his being indicted as a part of the War Crimes.

Then there is this taste nugget:
The United States is faring poorly in its effort to counter ideological support for terrorism, in part because the government does not communicate effectively, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said Monday.
[ cf Rumsfeld Grades U.S. Poor in Global Debate ]
Or is Rummy Also signalling that he too is hoping NOT to be held accountable for his actions to date - since, well he too was only following orders - and folks really should not pick on him for following the Orders of The Great Leader! And the Great Leader Was Authorised by congress to do what ever the Great Leader Wanted To Do....

So what if the Problem remains that the administration has basically been clearly heard overseas. It supports Torture! It Supports Illegal Detention! And now it is planning to fix the immigration issues, and folks really should not worry, because, well, gosh, the government accepts that if one is an Xtian, one is Insane, or may have a loyalty to a foreign regime that would allow the person to be deported and/or detained incommunicado pending deportation...

You know, the sort of things that some americans felt were bad things when done by regimes like the Former Taliban in Afghanistan and/or Saddam Iraq, but which more and more americans are learning to find morer and more acceptable in these difficult times.

What if the White House were required to establish which positions it really held? Would americans even believe them any more?

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