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Krugman Goes Seriously Stabbing Our Troops In The back...

Thus, John Taylor — a very good economist, when he wants to be — insists that we must respond to the economy’s temporary weakness with a permanent tax cut. Let us reason together. Does it make sense to let one recession dictate tax policy in perpetuity? What happens if there’s a boom; can we increase taxes (no, because then the cut wouldn’t have been permanent.) What if there’s another recession? Do we permanently cut taxes again? Is there a tax-cut ratchet (or maybe racket)? Think this through, and it makes no sense at all.

And Taylor’s argument against the obvious answer — government spending as stimulus — is pure gobbledygook:
The theory that a short-run government spending stimulus will jump-start the economy is based on old-fashioned, largely static Keynesian theories. These approaches do not adequately account for the complex dynamics of a modern international economy, or for expectations of the future that are now built into decisions in virtually every market.
Translation: la la la I can’t hear you.</i>
[ cf Conservative crisis desperation ]
I mean, be reasonable, does Taylor's Argument look like gobblydygook??
Clearly in these modern days, when all true americans accept that the Only Way to defeat the Godless Unbelievers of the Sinister Wall Street Gay Marriage Initatives is NOT with more Excessive Jack Booted GOD Hating Atheistical Repressive regulation of the Free Trade In Free Markets but clearly the war winning strategy mandate by Biblical Literalism, namely and to wit, a Massive Capital Gains Tax Cuts, since the Most important thing in a time of Holy Crusade against the Unbelievers is a Massive Capital Gains Tax Cuts!!!
Clear as a Bell! Nothing at all that complicated to understand. Why even Karibou Ken and Barbie understand that!!!

That is what is wrong with EVIL LIBERALS, they are not willing to follow the Faith Based Reasoning System!!!
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