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Iraq Threatens American Troops With Democracy!!!

Iraqi lawmakers postponed until Thursday a scheduled vote on a security agreement that would extend the U.S. military presence in Iraq. But they have agreed to make the pact subject to a national referendum next year that could require a complete American troop withdrawal by July 2010 -- 18 months ahead of what the agreement now envisions.

The referendum was a last-minute concession to Iraq's largest Sunni party, the Iraqi Islamic Party, which has long demanded that the agreement be put to a nationwide vote. "If there is no referendum, we will not vote yes to the agreement," said Omar Abdul Sattar, an Islamic Party lawmaker, speaking before parliament postponed the vote.

The security pact requires that U.S. troops pull out of cities and towns by summer 2009 and withdraw from Iraq by the end of 2011. But if Iraq's public rejects the security agreement in the referendum, scheduled for July next year, U.S. troops would have one year to leave, according to Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish lawmakers.
U.S. forces are operating in Iraq under a U.N. mandate that expires at the end of this year. Unlike the mandate, the security pact calls for stricter oversight over U.S. troops and closer cooperation between Iraqi government and the U.S. military.

[ cf Iraqis Agree to Put U.S. Troop Withdrawal to National Vote
Troops Could Face July 2010 Deadline
( emphasis mine )]
But, isn't that an Act Of WAR, to threaten troops with democratic processes???

And to think that the Evil Klintonesta forced OUR INNOCENT troops to serve under a UN Mandate, as the Blue Helmetted Puppet Toadies of Globalist EVIL Nation Building Waste of Our Hard Earned American Tax Dollars!!!
{ hey, it's time to get on board with how it was not our fault that lose liberals did a bad thing... }

Now! More than ever we must Prevent Gay HomoZeXual Marriages!!!

Clearly by calling for an END to Gay HomoZeXual Marriages, we will get a Tax Cut, which, as we all know, is the most important thing in a time of Our Troops Being Threatened By Democracy....
{ uh, for those of you who have been stoned for the last 8 years, yes, that IS the logical conclusion for why we had to prevent Saddam Hussein from leading another Main Force Strike by Iranian Flying Saucers against the EVIL DREADED WALL STREET LIBERALS!!! So just say Patriotism!!! }
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