drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Stop Those Atheists Now!

I Highly Recommend that folks chase through s9: That's It. I'm Done. over at the MojoWire - since, it is an interesting take on the curent culture of corruption crisis.

As I noted in my comment, there is this fundamental problem with
i.e. a moral philosophy Americans recognize as compatible with civil society.
which is a dangerous sentance as the write does not make clear if this is that failed Pre-911 Moral Philosophy or the New And Improved One, where the President gets to keep any law he finds. Litteraly!
Oh Look Dick, It's A Law!!!!
Can I Keep It? Can I Keep It?
I'll Love It And Squeeze It!
And I'll Take It Everywhere With Me?
I can just hear Dick being a Dick about it all and telling him to put that law back where he found it, god alone only knows what sort of people it has been around, as they are clearly not our Type. We do not Keeps Laws!!!

Or are the Evil People Over At MojoWire Calling The Dick/George Slash Story, well, Gosh, Atheists who do not share the same common moral ground with the rest of society?

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