drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Milk The Red Hollywood Assault On America...

I was planning to be more main streamly drieuxish in ranting about the movie Milk, since KCBS was putting air time in on DiFi's personal decision that she does not need to see a movie to remember what it was like when the Mayor of SF, and the 'Mayor of the Castro' were gunned down.

Which of course would have been the traditional meme that this is about how ugly the evil liberals in hollywood persecute those who were valiantly fighting against the godless Nancy Pelosi, long before she was the Evil Nancy Pelosi who IS the VOODOO DEATH DOLL that she has become in the current era...

But given the insanity of the moment, what with Red Hollywood Elitist in Bed with Radical Left Wing, Dope Smoking, Draft Dodging, Dirty Stinking Mormons, who are trying to overcome the status quo ante, without any due regard for their need to actually overcome the onus of proof, uh....


Uh, which side are the Evil They Them Those Types on again???
Tags: film, generic_fear

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