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It's Tuesday, the Yanks are Having a Psychotic Episode....

Richard Raddon, the director of the Los Angeles Film Festival who has been at the center of controversy ever since it was revealed almost two weeks ago that he had contributed $1,500 to the campaign to ban gay marriage in California, resigned from his post over the weekend.

The nonprofit arts organization Film Independent sponsors both the Los Angeles Film Festival, held in May, and the popular Independent Spirit awards. Raddon is a member of the Mormon Church, which actively called on its congregants to work for the passage of Proposition 8, the constitutional amendment defining marriage as only between a man and a woman. It has been estimated that Mormons gave more than $20 million in support of the recently passed ballot measure.

After Raddon's contribution was made public online, Film Independent was swamped with criticism from "No on 8" supporters both inside and outside the organization. Within days, Raddon offered to step down as festival director, but the board, which includes Don Cheadle, Forest Whitaker, Lionsgate President Tom Ortenberg and Fox Searchlight President Peter Rice, gave him a unanimous vote of confidence.

[ cf L.A. Film Festival head resigns over Prop. 8 donation ]
Red Hollywood Kommunista, Mormonist Radical Extremist....

Clearly we must have a national constitutional ban on allowing PINKO's To Marry and Breed ideological deviationalism....

REMEMBER!!! If we do not stop them NOW, then the Fast Track To Godlessness will be paved with the same Peace Candidate Nixon that brought us the new day in america of Radical Red Reaganism, and his Divorced People in the White House, undermining the Dignity and Morality.... Not to mention offering us totally off the shell off shore inter-trade with terrorists....

Why YES, we have to stop THEM from becoming an acceptable part of the Mainstream....
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