drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why Voters MUST be stopped!!

After two days of counting, results reported Thursday to the secretary of state showed Coleman's advantage over Franken fading. Compared with pre-recount figures, Franken trails Coleman by 129 votes.

Still, there are almost 60 percent of ballots outstanding as part of the 2.9 million ballots being reviewed. Thirty-five of Minnesota's 87 counties told the state they had finished their counts.
"My guess is the outcome will be determined by the challenged ballots," Deputy Secretary of State Jim Gelbmann said as the recount entered its second day. "The difference between the two candidates at the end of this process will be less than the total number of challenged ballots."

[ cf Disputed Senate ballots hold key to Minn. win. ]
Yes, there it is, Voters are the leading cause of these sorts of disputes!!!

Once again the GODLESS HEATHENISTICAL VOTERS seeking to raise up the mere law of man above the RULE OF GOD!!!
Tags: generic_fear

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