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which truths will remain truthier

Clearly the EVIL LIBERALS fail to understand that under Obama, what was acceptable under The Last Ruling White Guy Of America, will clearly be criminal:
Now Specter opposes the telecom immunity bills he voted for.

Mike Lillis:
The Washington Independent » Specter: Telecom Immunity Remains a “Festering Wound”: You recall the issue: The White House wanted not only expanded powers to spy on Americans without court oversight, but also demanded across-the-board immunity for the telecom companies that had broken the law by cooperating under the program. After a few months standing up to the administration’s wishes, Democrats caved on the issue. Then it virtually went away.

With the arrival of news that Eric Holder has been picked to be attorney general under the Obama administration, however, the topic has resurfaced. In an interview with MSNBC this afternoon, GOP Sen. Arlen Specter (Pa.), a vocal critic of the warrantless spying program, said he hopes Holder will “re-professionalize” the Justice Dept. in the wake of the Bush administration. That means taking a closer look at the legality of the wiretapping program, he said. “You have to have law enforcement with adequate tools,” Specter said. “But this business of warrantless wiretapping is not really in accordance with constitutional rights. And where you have the immunity granted to the telephone companies, that is still a festering wound”...
[cf Senator Arlen Specter: Dishonest and Dishonorable ]
Just because EVIL LIBERALS think of Obama as just one more Rich White Elitist out to destroy our white christian america because of his hatred and class warfare against the working class, while palling around with his evil Godless Liberal Wall Street Friends, doesn't mean that we should give him the same authorities as God's Bible DEMANDS biblically we give to the elected officials who have been appointed of GOD!!!

But it is not racism, because it is not about oppressing the Poor who are the new racially inferior, because of course the fact that they are Poor is PROOF POSITIVE that god has made them that way as God's Punishment for their SINS against the divine will!!!
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