drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Do What We Say, Not What We Do

"The tradition in this country of a law enforcement agency that had absolute power over people, we've got to break them of that," said Maj. Andrew Creel, the departing joint operations officer here. "I think it'll take years. You can't change a cultural mind-set overnight."
[ cf Challenge for U.S.: Iraq's Handling of Detainees ]
It is so funny watching american pravda try to find a polite way to clarify why it was when Americans were holding civilians hostages to try to grap suspected Iraqi's, this is different from the current process by which the Iraqi's hold hostages to try to grasp suspected Iraqi's.

And yes, it might be the wrong time to talk about 'military stuff' vice 'law enforcement stuff', since, well, it might not be nice to remind americans that the decision to accidentally send in troops to Iraq was suppose to have been about the fact that it was a 'military thing' and not a 'law enforcement thing'. You know, back in the days before the evil Main Stream Media got the President to confess to violating the FISA act and just simply disregarding any law he found annoying.

Hum... What If americans believed in Law.

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