drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Will This be out in DVD?

Huckabee Settles Scores With Fellow Republicans has the makings of a Rocking Socking Ass Kicking He Man Manly Male Masculine Attack on the Weak Kneed, Mamby Pamby, Soft On International Communism, and the Islamo-Fascist-Zionist-Pinko-Papist-Mormon-Gay-HomoZexual-Pirate-Zombie-Canadianist Evil Liberal Wall Street Hard Left Wing Draft Dodging Spit In The Face of Veterans Fellow Traveloors, that makes the GOP a Straight to BetaMax Kiss and tell all Kultur of DESPAIR!!!

Is it just me, but does the thot of removing the Grease Paint off of Kiss Players, and finding the GOP candidates for 2008, not the sort of IMAGE that you really want to have lurking around in the back of your brain?
Tags: generic_fear

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