drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

But what if Milton Friedman was only marginally wrong?

Hey kids, how many of you were willing to buy into the possibility that the Glorious Economic Miracle in Chile, and friends, was not tied to the sort of Repression that came with the Love of Generalissimo Pinochet???

What if the real problem here is that they SHOULD have taken their shot back with the FULL NATIONAL CONSENSUS of 2002, to install a real live working Pure Capitalist State????

What if Ashcroft's arrest and torture of Padilla, as the so called 'Dirty Bomber', sent the wrong signal to the Markets, namely that there were idiots wasting a perfectly good secret detention and torture process on IDIOTS who clearly were clueless....

Which is SOOOO not reassuring, in a Milton FriedmanEsque Free Market kinda Reassurance of the Disappeared...

Why if ONLY they would have done the right sorts of Disappearances and Torturing, then there would be no fear today that these special powers have fallen into the hands of Hitlary, and her RadFemiSurfNazies...

But, if that is so, then gosh, doesn't that mean that Friedmanesques were, well wrong, again. Their MYTHS of a "Pure Capitalism" were only viable in a non-democratic environment....

{ in related good news, the DOW closed below 8,000 }
Tags: economics, generic_fear, ugly_thot

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