drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

co-workers with issues...

So I sent email back to the person who was nice enough to point out a problem, put it in the 'issue tracking system', and all that, which lead to the re-awakening of the discussion of what should be done in case Foo, which by divine right and process, was decided to be as clearly stated as the oracle of delphi had formally announced, and with the erudition and understanding that can only come from the wisdom of the ages.

BUT which, in practices causes another part of the code to remove the reference of the cross reference, that causes the code that checks reference to point out that one has a cross reference that is on the road to the bridge to no where....

and said co-worker notes in response to my email
I Know! I am the proud parent of an awkward bug..... ;)
Don't folks know that we have special ed programmes for that, and that there are twelve step programmmes to help them out...
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