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President Obama and the Coming Stock Market Crash

How destructive to the U.S. economy would a Barack Obama presidency be?

An exclusive Newsmax analysis warns: There could be a very rough time ahead.

Beneath Obama's flowery rhetoric lies a dangerous economic plan that will wreak havoc on the American economy.

Obama plans to return to the failed policies of high taxation coupled with an expansion of government spending.

( cf email from those crazies at eagle@gopusamedia.com, subject The Coming Obama Stock Market Crash

So President OBAMA was the president Prior to the Election...

This boys and NonPerKin, is why you really should toke and pass to the Right!!! I know that many of our evil liberal friends think that passing to the left, or simply passing out, is as good as BOGUARTING THE BONG, but, no.

Toke, and Pass to the RIGHT.

It IS a traditional family values thing.
Tags: economics, generic_fear

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