drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Stop PERSECUTING Caribou Ken!!!

Oh god, if there is nothing that is more Godlessly Heathenly Unamerica, it is the ONGOING PERSECUTION of Caribou Ken, simply because Karibou Barbiee no longer wanted the Bridge to KnowWhere to be at the end to the RoadToNoWhere!!!
A move to oust Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens from the U.S. Senate Republican conference was abruptly postponed on Tuesday pending the outcome of the convicted felon's bid for re-election.

Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina said he would now seek a vote on whether to remove the 84-year-old Stevens from the party conference and strip him of his committee assignments on Thursday.

By then, a winner should finally be declared in the extremely close November 4 election between Stevens and Democratic challenger Mark Begich, the mayor of Anchorage.

[ cf Vote on convicted Stevens in Senate postponed ]
YES, everyone gets it!!!

Karibou Barbie can See all the way to Russia with her Zel Miller Laser Death Ray Eyes, but that does not mean that she is going to let Caribou Ken back into the the Senate House Again, merely because he got himself convicted of some things and stuff!!!

Ok, so yes, the GODLESS HEATHENS let Caribou Lieberman Roam Free through the Chairmanship of the Department of Homeland Security, but that is because they HATE FREEDOM !!! and do not understand the Importance of being the True Senator Palpateen resposible for Homeland Security!!! And it is better that Homeland Security Oversight be in the hands of Caribou Lieberman, than to let it fall to Hitlary and her RadFemiSurfNazi's!!!

But that is no reason to continue to PERSECUTE Caribou Ken, simply because Karibou Barbie has a Hissy Fit!!!

Yes, if Caribou Ken would have supported Karibou Barbie, then she would be the RULER OF THE WORLD, and would be in a position to help him, but since Ken was bad, Barbie just has to spank him....
Tags: generic_fear

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