drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why DO they hate the Guacamole!!!

What has to be understood about the immigration issues that drove a bunch of numbnuts to the border is that it did not emanate from the bowels of the conservative think tanks or from RNC political operatives, they were at best along for the ride. Immigration hysteria got started on talk radio. Because it was an area they could disagree with the administration, bash on the liberals and hate foreigners at the same time. A Trifecta!

The problem is that the GOP was killed in key swing states among Latino voters. Who are likely very unhappy with the racist spew coming their way everytime talk radio gets cranked up about immigration, legal or otherwise. The truth is talk radio has slipped it's leash. Limbaugh is the most important power broker in the party today. And if he and the rest of the talk show goof brigade become less a political actualizer and more a way of shrinking the base and chasing out moderates and growing voter blocs like Latinos, that is a problem. And it's not a problem that has anything to do with teh straw man of liberal elites or geographical bias. We didn't force them to broadcast hate and fear all day long, they did that themselves.

[ Hebisner: But my dog is trained!!! ]
Well, there you have it!!!

CLEAR AND COMPELLING AND UNEQUIVOCAL PROOF that the god hating Liberals want to IMPOSE not only their censorship of Talk Radio, destroying the freedom of the air waves, but area also going to impose their Sinister Intellectualisms and force folks to take some sort of special test about where they get their ideological deviationalism before they will be allowed to vote!!!

Clearly EVIl LIBERALS are threatening our very american way of life with their Unwillingness to Embrace the GLORIOUS Military Victories of Rush Limbaugh!!! Who was a Part of the Karl Rover Armoured Flying Saucer Korp that not only DEFEATED the Vietnamese, but flew on to Bring Freedom to Peking, and a new Democratic and Free China to the Chinese, until the God Hating Radical Left Wingers like Nixon lost China to the Communists!!!

But would the Radical Left Wingers, and their Judicial Activists on the Bench Legislating Radical Extremism, allow OUR TROOPS the Protection of the Karl Rove Armoured Flying Saucer Korp to win against the new EVILS???

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