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Bush's speech on Wall Street today is a most peculiar thing -- a mixture of free-market platitudes, cryptic code, and outright weirdness. For instance, what does this mean?
One vital principle of reform is that our nations must make our financial markets more transparent. For example, we should consider improving accounting rules for securities, so that investors around the world can understand the true value of the assets they purchase...
"Accounting rules for securities" -- that sounds like mark-to-market, right? But even the people who want to abolish mark-to-market accounting don't go so far as to say that doing so will improve transparency or make "the true value of assets" more obvious. This statement is the kind of thing which would be made by someone urging a move to mark-to-market accounting, not a move away from it. Does Bush think there isn't enough mark-to-market accounting?
[ cf Felix Salmon Is Unhappy with George W. Bush ]
you see, it is like this...

Uh, no, it really is the other way around...
IMHO, the (few) people interested in the substance of economic policy in the Bush administration have given up all contact with White House speechwriting--they have better things to do. And so you have a bunch of ideologues, spinmasters, and speechwriters putting words together at random.

One can wonder whether the Bush White House ever passed the Turing Test. It clearly dos not do so now.

(op cit)
Of course the president would not be able to pass a Turing Test, Turing was GAY!!!

I mean do these People think that the president needs to PROVE that he is Gay???
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