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What??? Toxic Chemicals are Toxic???

Hold the presses!!! would this be a badder time for the
we support the troops for as long as it is domestically politically expedient to do so, and then who cares what happened to them, since it merely prooves that they are a bunch of whiners who just do not understand the importance of being more Anti-Anti-War, than any of that welfare queenism of serving not only on active duty, but in a real live Hostile Fire Payzone, where there are some tax advantages, but not like you can get by staying CONUS and purchasing the government of your choice at discount prices
not like I always want to thank folks in cars with the 'I support the troops' sticker, and ask them if they are going to stay in the game for any amount of time...

So here comes this BuzzKillNewsFlashBlastFromThePast Fresh TO YOU:
Gulf War illness, dismissed by some as a psychosomatic disorder, is a very real illness that affects at least 25 percent of the 700,000 U.S. veterans who took part in the 1991 Gulf War.

It's likely cause was exposure to toxic chemicals that included pesticides that were often overused during the war, as well as a drug given to U.S. troops to protect them from nerve gas, a frequent weapon of choice of former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

And no effective treatments have been devised for the disorder.

Those are three key conclusions of a Congressionally mandated landmark report released Monday by a federal panel of scientific experts and veterans.

"It is very clear that Gulf War illness is a real condition that was not caused by combat stress or other psychological factors," said Lea Steele, scientific director of the Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses, which issued the report, and an associate professor at Kansas State University.

[ cf Toxic Chemicals Blamed for Gulf War Illness ]
Or should we just dismiss this as more of the same old failed evil liberal propoganda....

Would this be a bad time to remind americans about the problems of "Agent Orange", and the once again problem that too much toxic chemical waste seems to be not good for welfare queens, and may even have an impact on human beings...
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