drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Recession Spread...

It has colour Charts, and they use RED, therefore it is KOMMUNISM:
Here is another measure of credit stress... the spread between 30 year Moody's Aaa and Baa rated bonds and the 30 year treasury. The Moody's data is from the St. Louis Fed.... There are periods when the spread increases because of concerns of higher [long-term corporate] default rates (like in the severe recession of the early '80s), but the recent spread is unprecedented.
[ cf Record Interest Rate Spreads ]
yes, OK.

So the spread is greater than it has been since the late seventies, but does that really mean it is a bad thing?

Hadn't Dick Cheney already established that Reagan had already proven that Reality Doesn't Matter....

Or was it only that federal deficits did not matter....

Or was it that things that one does not wish to deal with do not matter as long as one is not required to acknowledge that they might exist...

Besides True Believers BELIEFE!!

That is why they do not support Gay HomoZeXual Pirate Zombie Canadianist Factualists...

Besides when the demand from more winning in Iran kicks in, all will be gooder with the world...
Tags: economics, generic_fear

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