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NetRoots still a dangerous Cause of Factualisms!!!

Back in the bad ole days, not so long ago....George Will would have said his nonsense, looking and sounding professorial; Cokie Roberts would have seconded in her no nonsense kind of way (after all her parents were Democratic party icons) and the another lie would have sustained the right wing economic hegemony on elite opinion. Now we have a Nobel Prize winning economist to put away in a few quick, well chosen, well sourced progressive views that George Will just spouts crap.

Paul has had a column since 2000, but he hasn't had the impact he deserved. The internet has lent great support to that.

In addition to taking due credit for the election of a center left Democrat, the netroots should take an enormous and continuing bow for changing the media environment for the better.

[ cf Lessons from the Great Depression Blogging ]

Will americans be forced to live in the dark evil land of pre-911, back when Terrorists and their Fellow Evil Liberal Fellow Travellors Ruled the Land CRUSHING the hopes of freedom and patriotism with their Godless Open Market Start Up starting Wrong Headed Version of Capitalism, not based upon the God Given Divinely Inspired Form of Economic Fundamentalism and the Majikal, and Mystical Powers of Faith Based Economics!!!

{ hey kids, if you turn up the sound track to Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Colour, well, like totally LOUD ENOUGH, you can actually see the Colours of the Majikal Free Trade in Free Marketeering...

Did you ever notice that it went off the air in 1969, right after the GOD HATING RADICAL LEFTWING EXTREMISTS had installed their Peace Candidate Richard M. Nixon.... And that Milton Friedman did not consider Nixon one of their own....

HUM... makes me wonder about the wonderful world... Makes one wonder about things like, the REAL back story on Walt's co-optation of Doctor Syn.... was it really just as they want you to believe, or was it all a part of the Deeper Evil of Liberalism, and their radical left wing economic dogma... }
Tags: economics, generic_fear

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