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What???? Majikal Milton Friedmanism is PoohPooh?

To pull us out of this downward spiral, the federal government will have to provide economic stimulus in the form of higher spending and greater aid to those in distress — and the stimulus plan won’t come soon enough or be strong enough unless politicians and economic officials are able to transcend several conventional prejudices.

One of these prejudices is the fear of red ink. In normal times, it’s good to worry about the budget deficit — and fiscal responsibility is a virtue we’ll need to relearn as soon as this crisis is past. When depression economics prevails, however, this virtue becomes a vice. F.D.R.’s premature attempt to balance the budget in 1937 almost destroyed the New Deal.

Another prejudice is the belief that policy should move cautiously. In normal times, this makes sense: you shouldn’t make big changes in policy until it’s clear they’re needed. Under current conditions, however, caution is risky, because big changes for the worse are already happening, and any delay in acting raises the chance of a deeper economic disaster. The policy response should be as well-crafted as possible, but time is of the essence.

[ cf Depression Economics Returns ]
Actually - yes ethel, this is sorta socialism.

In that it is about the idea that when the Majikal Free Wingling in the Free Trade in Free Markets is no longer as majikal a solution as it was when college boys were grab assing around in the frat about, uh... yes, we have to wake up and resolve IF we want to get back to reality....

Or should we just take another bong hit from the ideological purity...

Would this be a good time to remind folks, that what we really need is to have a "Farm Aid" concert, with willie nelson, singing about restoring the traditional family values to the Liquidity Farms....

Then we can mash it up with Image of the moisture farm on Tatooine, which we all know is the first public reference to Liquidity Farming, the precursor to the Tech Noir Liquidity Factories, but without all of that post-neo-goth urban grime and depression....

You know, a Smiley Face underneath the Sith Lord's - and we get Bernanke and Paulson to work out which sith they really were....

Yeah, that's the ticket america is looking for!!!

More Happy Faced Siths here to help put the Liquidity back into the Liquidity Farms, and with great country music....
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